Top 5 Variants We Are Excited to See in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Published 05/04/2024, 3:45 AM EDT

As Deadpool & Wolverine prepares to inject a surge of excitement into this year's MCU lineup, anticipation runs high as fans eagerly decipher what fresh elements this story might introduce. From day one, the production team faced several challenges because of unauthorized leaks, which often claimed credit for potential surprises meant for the theatrical experience. Nevertheless, despite persistent leaks and official reveals, numerous aspects have kept fans eagerly hooked for the upcoming film, particularly the various Deadpool iterations. 

Here are, therefore, the top five Deadpool variations that are set to feature in Deadpool & Wolverine, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.



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In April 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine unveiled new promotional merchandise featuring the confirmation of four new Deadpool variants, including the introduction of Dogpool. In the source material, these Deadpool variants unite to form the Deadpool Corps., a team dedicated to preserving the multiverse. Dogpool has the power of regeneration and he initially appeared in Prelude to Deadpool Corps #3 in 2010, but Deadpool & Wolverine marks his first on-screen debut.

Previously, Dogpool was teased in a promotional image shared by Ryan Reynolds and pictures leaked from sets have also frequently found his company. While Dogpool's presence suggests that Wade Wilson is embarking on a journey across the multiverse to assemble his own team of Avengers, the specific role that Dogpool will play in the film remains shrouded in mystery.


Originally, the Headpool variant of Deadpool emerged as a disembodied head within the Marvel Zombies Universe. However, in Deadpool & Wolverine, Headpool might be the sole surviving body part from years past. Intriguingly, before spearheading his county of solo Deadpool films, Ryan Reynolds' character made his debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

In that film, Deadpool transformed into a mute monstrosity, only to make a cameo appearance in a post-credits scene where his head regains consciousness. While it may seem like a stretch, it is noteworthy that the Headpool merchandise revealed for Deadpool & Wolverine bears a resemblance to Wade Wilson from X-Men Origins. Therefore, the Headpool variant could represent a nostalgic callback for Deadpool as he traverses the multiverse.

Lady Deadpool

Despite her absence from the promotional art for the Deadpool Corps, speculation surrounding Lady Deadpool's potential cameo has been widespread since discussions about the film began. There could be two reasons for her omission from the promotional materials: first, the filmmakers may have intentionally left her out to maintain secrecy and preserve surprises within the storyline. Alternatively, her character might be portrayed by an actress whose identity has not yet been revealed, which could enhance the overall cinematic experience.

Particularly noteworthy is director Shawn Levy's reluctance to confirm or deny rumors of Taylor Swift's cameo, while fans have already suggested Blake Lively as a potential candidate to portray Lady Deadpool instead of Swift. As a result, the appearance of Lady Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine continues to generate anticipation and interest since who better to play Deadpool's significant witty other than Reynolds' quip-master better half?


Despite Marvel boss Kevin Feige's initial reluctance, Wolverine’s return has come to fruition, thanks to Deadpool & Wolverine. As the first collaboration between Deadpool and Wolverine in MCU history, speculation has been abundant regarding which iteration of Wolverine will feature in this new cinematic landscape. While trailers suggest the possibility of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine from Logan and other X-Men films’ appearance, there is also room for a fresh interpretation.

Apart from Hugh Jackman, one of them could be Henry Cavill's Wolverine variant, which was confirmed on X by CanWeGetSomeToast. However, trailer hints indicate that only one Wolverine will probably team up with the irreverent Deadpool. But with the involvement of the TVA, the multiverse offers endless possibilities, potentially allowing multiple iterations of the character.

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Additionally, Jackman's recent disclosure about envisioning a new take on Logan reignites excitement for the possibility of a never-before-seen iteration of Wolverine making a screen appearance. Hence, time will ultimately tell if the fragments fit the incomplete puzzle. Moving on, all that remains is the unveiling of the final and most powerful Deadpool variant so far.



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Whatever could become of a Deadpool movie without Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth? Not an up-to-scratch Deadpool flick for sure. Hence, taking the first spot in the light of Deadpool variants is Deadpool himself. As MCU’s first-ever R-rated movie outing, Deadpool & Wolverine is set to showcase its titular characters for the very first time since X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As Deadpool appears to be garnering support from fellow heroes, it is evident that he is embarking on a multiversal journey since trailers hint at Deadpool's pivotal role in his reality's salvation. Therefore, despite Shawn Levy's clarification that this is not Deadpool 3, the question remains: which Deadpool will emerge — the hero or the agent of chaos?


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Which Deadpool variant are you the most excited about for an appearance in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine? Let us know in the comments below!



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