Editorial Guidelines

We, at Netflix Junkie (accessible from netflixjunkie.com) strictly adhere to the Editorial Standards accepted universally through what is stipulated in our ‘Editorial Guidelines’ document. The Guidelines set the standards for Netflix Junkie, and more importantly uphold the true principles of Journalism. The Guideline document seamlessly aids our vision and the values we intend to uphold in the industry.

As seen through our content, we at Netflix Junkie always pursue values based on ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Public Interest’. Having a great level of privilege in catering content on the Internet, we at Netflix Junkie strongly concur on the fact that we have certain responsibilities in common interest and shall always be accountable for the privilege we possess.   


Rights and Duties shall always go hand-in-hand. We, at Netflix Junkie, strongly reiterate the same through our perception of ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Public Interest’, with high consideration for ‘Right to Privacy’ and other legal rights rendered to individuals.

Freedom of Expression:

Enumerated through Article 19 of ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)’ and Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, we at Netflix Junkie have the highest regard for the ‘Freedom of Expression’ being the foundational principle of Journalism.

It also establishes our independence from government, institutions, entities etc. and guarantees our editorial freedom which enables Netflix Junkie to pursue a unique mission. However, our readers also expect us to balance our right to freedom of expression with our responsibilities to our readers and the general public, subject to restrictions in the law.

Public Interest:

We at Netflix Junkie shall always strive to operate in the public interest – creating content of significance to our audiences and being accountable to the public, at large. In our journalism standards set forth, we seek to establish the truth and shall use the highest reporting standards to provide coverage that is fair and accurate. We are impartial, pursuing to reflect the views and experiences of our content consumers, so that our content includes an extensive and diversity of opinion, more importantly, make sure that no substantial element of thought is under-represented. We are independent of outside interests that could compromise our editorial integrity.

In exercising freedom of expression, we are to offer appropriate protection to vulnerable groups and avoid causing unjustifiable offense. We have the highest regard to people’s privacy: only portraying information into the public domain where the public interest outweighs an individual’s “legitimate expectation of privacy”.

We have a particular obligation towards children and young individuals where they contribute to our output, we shall always strive to take due care to ensure that their dignity and welfare are protected by ensuring content that is not appropriate to such individuals, shall be rendered responsibly.


Irrespective of being subject to a particular jurisdiction based on our origin, our legal accountability and standards set shall be in sync with what is expected universally while respecting rights and obligations in the world of diverse legal and societal dynamics.


We, at Netflix Junkie, strongly strive to secure the public’s trust by making a primary allegiance to the public through our transparent practices. Any personal or professional interests that conflict with that allegiance, whether in appearance or reality, risk compromising our credibility. We are vigilant in disclosing to both our organization and the public, in any circumstances where our loyalties may be divided shall recuse ourselves from related coverage. Under no situations do we twist our reporting for personal gain, to achieve our goals unethically.

It is important to regularly review how our affiliations, personal or at the organization level, are entangled with the themes of our reporting, and when necessary, to take action. An apparent conflict shall always be disclosed, and, when presented with more pressing/blatant conflicts, we shall avoid them. We do not pursue journalism competitions or serve on award committees when groups that have an interest in influencing our coverage are sponsoring the honors.

To the extent that editorial content is made conceivable through the support of sponsors, that content shall be clearly marked as content “Affiliated” to the appropriate sponsor.

Choices about what we cover and how we pursue our goals as journalists/content creators shall always be independent of any pecuniary or material gains. 


Netflix Junkie obtains news and content from a diverse range of sources. We undertake stringent efforts to confirm the veracity of the information that is available in the world of the internet and social media, only then we proceed to create content for the general public.

Our internal policies set the standards in creating content through sources. Netflix Junkie shall always strive to provide content that is authentic, need of the hour, resourceful etc, sources play an important role in pursuing our goal in creating a reliable and thought-provoking experience for the consumers.

As much as selecting the right source providers is important, citing such sources is the hallmark of high-quality journalism. We have a thorough process in citing and crediting such sources when we do not deal with primary sources that we obtain directly. Throughout this process, our ‘Editorial Leadership’ works closely with our content creators to produce quality content.   


Plagiarism is the immoral act of replicating someone else’s prior ideas, processes, results or words without explicit acknowledgment/prior authorization of the original author and source. Plagiarism, being a cardinal sin of journalism, we at Netflix Junkie strive to eliminate such a practice through our thorough internal policies.

Our Editorial team sets the standards of high-quality journalism through the stringent process for Plagiarism.   


Social Media is undeniably a ground-breaking aspect in today’s journalistic hemisphere, but it is our responsibility to extract the positive aspects of such an interpersonal facet in today’s world. Be it sourcing, or engagement, we shall strive to inculcate best practices. As mentioned above, we have strict guidelines on creating content from social media.

As Netflix Junkie grows in relevance in the Sports Media industry, our journalists/content creators logically become relevant or influential on the social media hemisphere. Being the representatives of Netflix Junkie, our content creators shall be obligated to follow the best practices on social media, by being respectful, free of bias, responsible etc. Our editorial guidelines moreover explicitly leave no room for indulging in harassment on social media platforms.       


At Netflix Junkie, we strive to balance the interests that arise from Political/Social issues’ relevance to Sports to pursue harmonious societal dynamics. Irrespective of each individual in the organization having their own Political/Social thought process, we at Netflix Junkie strive to reach the common ground for the sake of society. 

The subject matter on such issues shall always merit our audience’s interests. More importantly, we strive to reach a common ground when expressing such thoughts by upholding universal standards of law and customary practices.  


Remaining true to our vision by adhering to universally accepted journalistic ethics is exigent for Netflix Junkie. These are the common principles we strive to inculcate in our organization:


We at Netflix Junkie have stringent internal content creation policies, thoroughly reflected through our content:


The standards we set at Netflix Junkie also denote our duty to be transparent and accountable. We shall publish information about how high editorial standards have been set through this document and shall update this document periodically, with or without a contingency.

We at Netflix Junkie shall strive for perfection and accuracy in the content we provide. However, if a correction, updating of information, or deletion is required; we shall immediately respond to such requests and necessitate due action. 

We are open to receiving feedback or complaints with respect to our content or content strategy. And shall always strive to make a seamless content experience for all our readers, irrespective of their caste/sect, religion, color, gender/orientation, ethnicity, etc.   

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