Netflix Junkie (NJ) attracts many ambitious, focused, and immensely talented authors; and we believe they are the heart and soul of the organization. Our company culture is ingrained with the drive to bringing you a unique perspective on all the things on Netflix, from in-depth interviews, unheard stories, reviews, and updates from Hollywood to the latest updates on your favorite shows, movies, and celebrities. At NJ, budding journalists work towards quenching the thirst of an entertainment journalists.

Coming from varying backgrounds but united with a passion for sports, our authors take pride in their holistic content coverage of America’s favourite celebrities. They synergize with a dedicated team of content strategists and editors with years of industry experience at various other organizations. They strive to better themselves and reach new heights in their journalism careers, each and every day.

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Srabani Biswas

1116 articles

Srabani Biswas is a writer at Netflix Junkie. She is a sociology graduate from Lady Brabourne College. Previously, she has contributed to Sports India Show and The Sports Room as a sports writer, and interned at Ripples Learning.

Neha Chande

1328 articles

Meet Neha Chande, an entertainment writer at Netflix Junkie, who has written more than 1100 articles. With a Master's degree in English Literature, Neha believes in unbiased journalism. Before delving into her passion for writing and cinema, she taught English and communication skills as a facilitator and lecturer.


1250 articles

Shraddha Das is a Hollywood News writer at Netflix Junkie. She was captivated by the power of storytelling and the written word at a young age, which led her to pursue a career in journalism. She has over 1000 articles to her name.

Shikha Arya

1216 articles

Shikha Arya is an experienced entertainment writer at Netflix Junkie, having contributed over 1000 articles to the platform. She holds a Master's degree in English Literature from a prestigious university and has honed her writing skills over three years. Shikha's forte lies in crafting thought-provoking pieces about the lives of pop culture icons.

Neha Subhash Ghag

1233 articles

Neha Ghag is a prime-time entertainment writer for Netflix Junkie, who has written nearly 1000 articles, immersing herself in pop culture. Writing was not her first choice, but she has now found solace in unraveling the fascinating stories of public figures' personal and professional lives. Neha is a fan of classic hip-hop and psycho thrillers, and she can talk endlessly about Kanye West.

Baheen Qadri

766 articles

Baheen Qadri is an entertainment writer at Netflix Junkie. Currently, he is pursuing BA in Mass comm Hons from SCMC Pune. He loves binge-watching films and TV series on Netflix.

Aliza Siddiqui

972 articles

Meet Aliza Siddiqui, a Hollywood News reporter at Netflix Junkie. Her love affair with Hollywood began with Anne Hathaway and The Princess Diaries, but it was the thrilling climax of Don’t Look Up that cemented her infatuation with the industry and its filmmaking. Aliza's journey into entertainment reporting began with her time at Otakukart, where she wrote over a thousand articles.

Prithvi Shah

778 articles

Prithvi Shah is an entertainment writer at Netflix Junkie and has contributed over 650 articles. Having an English major, she has built expertise in journalistic writing, story writing, and reviewing. In her stint of over a year at NJ, Prithvi has developed a good understanding of putting forward a balanced and unbiased perspective without hurting the sentiments of millions of fans and readers across the globe.

Radhika Deshmukh

820 articles

Radhika Deshmukh is a Hollywood and Netflix News writer at Netflix Junkie. As a passionate film and theater enthusiast, Radhika found her calling in entertainment reporting. Her love for cinema and television motivated her to intern as a news writer at Dainik Bhaskar, where she honed her skills in factual reporting.

Yunus Emre Ozdiyar

173 articles

Yunus Emre is the founder and editor-in-chief of Netflix Junkie. Yunus Emre launched the site in 2020 after growing frustration with finding content on Netflix platform. However, English is not my mother tongue.

Manorath Thacker

529 articles

Manorath Thacker (he/him) is a writer at Netflix Junkie. He is an English Literature graduate. Manorath is enthusiastic about Greek Mythology and Fiction.

Alivia Paul

526 articles

Alivia Paul is an author at Netflix Junkie. Having completed her bachelor’s in English Literature and Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication, Alivia, a passionate writer, looks to combine her penmanship with her love for different content in different languages on different platforms, to deliver engaging content to her readers. Some of her favorite shows are Lucifer, You, Sweet Tooth, Crash Landing On You, and Sex and The City.

Sakshi Jain

497 articles

Sakshi Jain is an editor at Netflix Junkie with over three years of journalism experience. An information technology student by profession, Sakshi's love for movies and books inclined her toward a career in writing. Some of her favorite Netflix shows are The Crown, The Witcher, and Money Heist.

Hamza Qazi

574 articles

Introducing Hamza Qazi, a Hollywood and Anime News writer at Netflix Junkie. Hamza's love affair with anime began early in his life when he fell in love with Naruto, which sparked his interest in reporting. He began channelizing his inner reporter by writing for his school magazine and later for a college magazine.

Safia Khanam

391 articles

A writer at Netflix Junkie, Safia Khanam is a Business Administration student with a passion for writing. Having been an avid reader and cinephile all her life, she enjoys sharing analysis and insights. The Intern, Dead Poets Society, and Anne With An E are her top preferences.

Efe Eren Genc

334 articles

Just a linguistics student with a passion for gaming, geek stuff, and writing.

Natasha Vijan

289 articles

Natasha is a writer at Netflix Junkie. Despite completing her Masters in Architecture from Hochschule Anhalt in Germany, she decided to follow her passion for storytelling. Apart from working as an architect in the past, Natasha currently also ghostwrites for various travel and lifestyle blogs like italyfoodies.

Anuj Kapse

214 articles

Anuj Kapse is a writer at Netflix Junkie. This undergraduate, who has developed a liking for the creative arts and writing, decided to explore and build his passion in the entertainment vertical. He enjoys watching and recommending sitcoms /mockumentary to his friends, and some of his staples are American Vandal, Trial & Error, and Crashing.

Kerem Dogan Karakoc

170 articles

A student following the many forms of entertainment with a passion to create content.

Shweta Zaveri

98 articles

Shweta is an entertainment writer at NetflixJunkie. She studied media and communication at Whistling Woods International and she also has a diploma in fashion design and manufacturing. She used to work as an assistant executive producer for an OTT platform.

Charu Kukreja

62 articles

Charu Kukreja is a writer at Netflix Junkie. She prefers to work in a well-organized manner. She graduated from Hinduja College with a bachelor's degree in mass media and is now pursuing a master's degree in the same discipline.

Rishab Murali

55 articles

Rishab is a writer at Netflix Junkie; currently, in his 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering at Pillai College, New Panvel. He has watched a plethora of movies and series of multiple languages across a number of platforms and likes to write articles with the utmost diligence. In the meantime, he immerses himself in creating anime sketches, playing football, and daydreaming about the various actresses from the plethora of movies as mentioned above.

Reubyn Coutinho

35 articles

Reubyn Coutinho is an Editor and Film Critic at Netflix Junkie. This Mass Media Graduate from St. Xavier's has attended MAMI (2019) as a film critic.

Namit Gupta

36 articles

Namit Gupta is a group head, writer, and ideator at Netflix Junkie. A Journalism and Mass Comm graduate, this jack of all trades is a big cinephile. Highly choosy and non-conforming in what he picks to watch, he likes to tour films and shows before delving into them.

Tarushi Patali

18 articles

Tarushi Patali has been a senior content writer/editor at well-established companies. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Mass Communication and Journalism. She has always been very spiritual, and she likes watching Netflix a lot.

Parvathi Ajith

11 articles

Parvathi Ajith is an Editor at NetflixJunkie. Being a published author of two books, she loves a good story and often nitpicks about them in her movie reviews at Behindwoods. She has been in the content field for around 5 years and uses her experience, love for language, and passion for good characters and stories in her current role.

Ruchi Chandrawanshi

1 articles

Ruchi Chandrawanshi is an Entertainment Journalist and currently working as an Editor at NetflixJunkie. Throughout her career, she has been part of various media organizations pertaining to the Entertainment industry. She graduated from Hinduja College (Mass Media) and went on to pursue Event Management as Diploma.