Netflix Junkie (NJ) attracts many ambitious, focused, and immensely talented authors; and we believe they are the heart and soul of the organization. Our company culture is ingrained with the drive to bringing you a unique perspective on all the things on Netflix, from in-depth interviews, unheard stories, reviews, and updates from Hollywood to the latest updates on your favorite shows, movies, and celebrities. At NJ, budding journalists work towards quenching the thirst of an entertainment journalists.

Coming from varying backgrounds but united with a passion for sports, our authors take pride in their holistic content coverage of America’s favourite celebrities. They synergize with a dedicated team of content strategists and editors with years of industry experience at various other organizations. They strive to better themselves and reach new heights in their journalism careers, each and every day.

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Shraddha Suman

1709 articles

Shraddha Das is a Content Lead and the Sub Group Head at Netflix Junkie. Captivated by the power of storytelling and the written word at a young age, which led her to pursue a career in journalism at the Esteemed KIIT School of Journalism and Mass Communication, in Orissa. She has over 1500 articles to her name.

Anushka Bhattacharya

804 articles

I'm Anushka Bhattacharya, an entertainment journalist at Netflix Junkie. Armed with a degree in literature, I once wielded my words to catalyze change within society through my work with NGOs. However, as I stumbled into the exuberant hole of crime thrillers and documentaries on Netflix, it was love at first sight and pushed me into entertainment journalism.

Hriddhi Maitra

1194 articles

Hriddhi Maitra is a Hollywood News reporter at Netflix Junkie. An enthusiastic movie buff, Hriddhi found her true calling when she worked as a Cinema Content Writer at My Cinema Story while analyzing movies objectively, and offering constructive feedback. Coming from a background where she worked in different niches like finance, food, travel, medicines, automobile, and entertainment, we can safely say she is a jack of all trades.

Aliza Siddiqui

1472 articles

Meet Aliza Siddiqui, a Hollywood News reporter at Netflix Junkie. Her love affair with Hollywood began with Anne Hathaway and The Princess Diaries, but it was the thrilling climax of Don’t Look Up that cemented her infatuation with the industry and its filmmaking. Aliza's journey into entertainment reporting began with her time at Otakukart, where she wrote over a thousand articles.