Ethics Policy


NetflixJunkie (owned by Full Spectrum Services LLP) is dedicated to furnishing content of the highest standard in the media/entertainment journalism ecosystem. NetflixJunkie prides itself in news coverage free from bias and political affiliation, and strives to uphold our Editorial Guidelines. NetflixJunkie strives to achieve the standards set henceforth in both its commercial and journalistic pursuits, which are accepted universally. 

NetflixJunkie ensures that it keeps updating its policies to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing digital media landscape. When drafting this policy document, the organization takes into account the constructive discourse from key stakeholders and also the updates, if any, in the legal framework.

Code of Ethics

These guidelines apply to all members of NetflixJunkie whose work directly affects the website content. They include the Group Heads, Writers and Editors.

NetflixJunkie believes all differences in views find common ground in an amicable discussion, almost without exception. Nevertheless, NetflixJunkie strictly views any deliberate violation of these guidelines as a serious offence and shall lead to disciplinary action

NetflixJunkie reserves the right to modify and expand the guidelines from time to time, as appropriate.

Editorial Practices

We, at NetflixJunkie, strictly adhere to the Editorial Standards expected of us and are accepted universally through what is stipulated in our “Editorial Guidelines”.

Fact-Checking: In order to provide content that is authentic, timely, unbiased, reliable, and resourceful. Our editorial team plays an important role in pursuing our goal of creating a trustworthy and thought-provoking experience for consumers. We have a thorough process of authenticating, citing, and crediting sources when we deal with or without primary sources. Throughout this process, our ‘Editorial Leadership’ works closely with our content creators to produce quality and equitable content by adhering to our “Fact-checking Policy”.   

Corrections:  At NetflixJunkie, we strive to ensure that the information we furnish is accurate, verified, and equitable. In case a mistake or an error is made, we recognize the importance of acknowledging the same and working towards rectifying it. We also encourage our readers and contributors to provide us with feedback on our content. The hallmark of quality and responsible journalism is to hold oneself accountable and acknowledge the need for prompt corrections after discovering an error. Thus, NetflixJunkie is dedicated to providing the correct information as soon as a mistake is brought to our attention as enunciated in our “Corrections Policy”. 

Pursuing the News (Conflict of Interest):

All the necessary measures are taken to ensure no conflict of interest arises due to any breach of ethical values. We make it a case that our writers, editors, or the head of departments agree to the prerequisite that they can not accept payment from any organization/entity that they cover in articles. In the case of sponsored content, we shall provide appropriate disclosure. 

Through our product offering, we do not intend to undermine the credibility of any individual/entity/group and certainly do not wish to defame anyone. We are adamant about covering the news content in a pure reporting tone and not indulging in make-believe false publishing.

Our content/interviews shall not be tailored to suppress the opinion of any entity, but as an organization, we keep no aim to benefit from a negative controversy.

Protecting the Neutrality:

NetflixJunkie acknowledges the importance of neutral reporting in the media hemisphere. To ensure this, we have stringent rules in place, where our publishing goes through stringent editorial review

We respect the interests of our readers/viewers and adhere to the values around not furnishing biased content. It is part of our core ethics that we never speak ill about any individual/entity on the basis of their nationality, colour, religion, sex, political inclination etc.

We admittedly do cover opinionated pieces on our platform, but none with an aim to distort facts or claim things outlandish in nature, that can demean anyone.


Through our content, we do not aim to directly promote any product, brand or business. When we do indulge in sponsored posts/articles, we shall mark/stipulate/create a section for the sponsored/paid nature of such content.  

With the banner ads on our website to drive our basic commercial interests, we do not intend to affect the decision of consumers in any form. 


As a rapidly growing media organization, NetflixJunkie covers an extensive amount of articles spread across many different individuals/entities. Our articles make use of various types of news sources, images and audio-visual content. At all times, we strive to uphold the Intellectual Property rights held by others and shall appropriately use the fair-use exception granted to us in the Editorial hemisphere. 

We are very strict on checking plagiarism and enforcing a thumb rule of no copying of others’ content. Our editorial team makes use of industry-leading plagiarism tools and runs every draft through the tools to ensure that there exists no plagiarised content.

When covering a piece of news, it becomes our duty to give due credit to the source of information. In no condition, do we release a quote or niche statistical information or a claim without citation to an authentic and verified source. 

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Ethics Policy Update: 01/05/2023