Natalie Viscuso

Natalie Viscuso is a name not unknown to the audience. Born on December 11, 1990, the 33-year-old individual is currently serving as the Vice President of TV at Vertigo Entertainment. Viscuso is currently dating Hollywood's beloved star, Henry Cavill. The duo has been together for over a year and a half now. She is incredibly popular among the masses and also enjoys a strong social media presence with over 128,000 followers. Viscuso has been a part of the entertainment industry and has successfully managed to carve a niche out for herself.

Natalie Viscuso Net Worth

Despite being at a young age, Natalie Viscuso has been a part of the entertainment industry for almost a decade now. While she has starred in a number of films, Viscuso mainly established herself as an assistant producer. Over the years, Viscuso has been a part of various projects in Hollywood. Many of you might not know, but Viscuso comes from a very wealthy family. As per reports by The Sports Grail, the 32-year-old individual has a net worth of $1 million as of late.

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A major portion of her wealth comes from her role as the Vice President of Vertigo Entertainment. While she has always been a reputed assistant producer, her popularity skyrocketed following her relationship with Henry Cavill. Viscuso started off at the Robert Townsend Film Life, where she worked for two years in the customer experience division. Moreover, she was also the Chief Executive Officer of the National Football League.

After resigning from the CEO of the National Football League, Viscuso joined the ITV studios. She did not have any fixed position at ITV and worked in different divisions for nearly two years. As of late, Viscuso is the Vice President of TV for the renowned firm Vertigo Entertainment. It is a successful American film and television company based in Los Angeles producing films like the It franchise, The Departed, and Lego movies.

Natalie Viscuso's Early Life

Natalie Viscuso was born on December 11, 1990, in Roswell, New Mexico, America. As a child, Viscuso was raised in an incredibly wealthy family and enjoyed a very lavish lifestyle as a child. Her parents are Michael Viscuso and Tammie Kay Baumann. Her father, Michael was a successful businessman and a nightclub owner. Her initial years of life were in Mexico, after which she moved out to La Jolla, California to enjoy her later teen years.

She is Mexican and American by nationality. Viscuso is a Christian despite growing up as Caucasian. According to her LinkedIn profile, Viscuso completed her higher school studies in California. Following that, she graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Later on, she joined the Phi Theta and Sigma Alpha Lambda in which she enrolled herself into national honor societies for entertainment professionals.

Natalie Viscuso's Career

Natalie Viscuso has always been very interested in and involved in the entertainment industry. The actress started off her career at the mere age of 15 when she made her debut in the entertainment industry. As per reports by IMDB. Her on-screen debut was in the show My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Spanning over ten seasons, My Super Sweet 16 is an American reality TV show based documenting the lives of teenagers from the UK, the United States Of America, and Canada.

Following that, Viscuso went on to become an entertainment producer and studio executive. As an executive in the film industry, Viscuso played a major role in the production and logistics of a number of shows. Some of her notable works include I Killed Harry Hartman, Amelia’s 25th, Double Agent, and Plotting on Caesar the Woman Pleaser. One of her lesser-known work was on the TV show The Mist. One of her current ongoing projects is Sin City.

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A while later, Viscuso started off a new journey as she was promoted to the Vice President post at Legendary Entertainment. Interestingly, the company happens to be behind the production of Henry Cavill's super hit film The Man Of Steel and Enola Holmes.

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso are perhaps one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. The duo has been going strong for a year and a half now. While the actor has always kept their relationship very private, time and again they share adorable glimpses of their relationship. The couple first met on the sets of Enola Holmes back in 2018-19 when the actor was filming. However, it was not until late 2021 that the pair officially started dating.


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Daily Mail reported that the couple were spotted holding hands in London. As per reports by Style Caster, Viscuso has always been a huge fan of the British star and his work. Interestingly, Deadline reported how Viscuso helped Cavill gain confidence after he lost out on the two roles. The couple took to Instagram officially back in 2021. It was not until October 2022 that the couple made their first red carpet appearance back in 2022 during the premiere of Enola Holmes 2022.

Meanwhile, the couple has been going strong and is even collaborating on the upcoming War Hammer Project by Henry Cavill. The couple continues to give fans adorable glimpses of their relationship on their social media handles. A while ago, the Enola Holmes star even showed support to Viscuso after she lost her dear Pitbull. Hopefully, Cavill’s poodle of joy, Kal, can give his girlfriend the same love he gives the Man of Steel actor.


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Overview of Natalie Viscuso

Name Natalie Viscuso
BornDecember 11, 1990
Place of BirthRoswell, New Mexico, USA
NationalityMexican and American
EducationUniversity of Southern California,  Phi Theta and Sigma Alpha Lambda
ParentsMichael Viscuso and Tammie Kay Baumann
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (172 cms)
Weight Approximately 118.16 lbs (59 kg)
Social MediaInstagram

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