Henry Cavill’s Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Can Not Stop Raving About the ‘Argylle’ Seoul Premiere and Wants to Go Back

Published 01/27/2024, 8:16 PM EST

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Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso pulled back the curtain on their love story via Instagram in May 2021, and since then, they have been painting the town red with glimpses into their love story. Most recently, the power couple turned heads at the Seoul premiere of Argylle, putting on a display that was the talk of the town to celebrate Cavill’s latest project. The 40-year-old actor and his 34-year-old TV executive sweetheart rocked the red carpet in style and looked loved up as ever as they posed together at the premiere.

Following the glamorous event, Viscuso took a moment to sketch her feelings about the entire affair. She shared a heartfelt post, pouring out her thanks for the warm reception she received during her time in Seoul.

Natalie Viscuso’s appreciation post for Henry Cavill starrer Argylle 


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Natalie Viscuso took to Instagram and treated her followers to three charming pictures from the Seoul premiere of Argylle, featuring herself and Henry Cavill. The couple looked adorable, grinning for the camera, and even shared a sweet moment with a peck in one of the frames. Viscuso’s caption read, “Celebrating Argylle at the premiere in South Korea!“. Following that, she shared her “incredible experience” in Seoul and expressed her eagerness to return. Viscuso concluded with gratitude, thanking everyone for the “warm welcome”. 


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This post came just a week after Viscuso shared her overflowing pride in Henry Cavill. Taking to her Instagram story, she put up a video displaying the Seoul cityscape from her room, featuring a billboard of Cavill’s Argylle trailer. Even though Viscuso had seen it multiple times, she felt compelled to share the special moment. She captioned the video, “Proud girlfriend moment”. While Natalie Viscuso beams with pride over her boyfriend’s Argylle, it does not necessarily translate to the assured success of the upcoming movie.

Even before Argylle graces the theaters, several factors have already cast a shadow on the movie’s future. 

What could go wrong with Argylle? 


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Argylle is said to carry a staggering $200 million budget, a figure that raises eyebrows given the film’s status. Such a hefty price tag is commonly associated with major franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, but Argylle, being an original property, faces a daunting task in attracting enough viewers to recoup this sizable investment. Breaking even on this massive budget would demand the film to generate around $400 million, with profitability possibly requiring it to exceed the half-billion-dollar mark. This steep expectation places Argylle in a challenging position.

The success of Argylle now depends heavily on an effective marketing campaign, but unfortunately, that has not been the case. The film’s marketing efforts have been somewhat confusing, leaving potential viewers scratching their heads. The trailers for Argylle have not clearly defined its genre, presenting a mix of rom-com, action thrillers, spy stories, and ensemble comedies. With so much happening, the overall effect has been a bit overwhelming, leaving fans uncertain about the movie’s intended tone and whether it is a film worth investing their time in.


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