Viewers Recommend Not Watching ‘Peaky Blinders’ For Some Utterly Bizzare Reasons

Published 08/20/2022, 6:00 PM EDT

The Cillian Murphy-led Peaky Blinders with its increasingly political narrative has won the hearts of movie freaks and history nerds. As the show dropped its concluding episodes, fans can’t stop going crazy over the same. This British show, which started on little old BBC, had one of the most beautiful designs, making it visually spectacular. This is a series whose operatic grandness taken to another level. Its glorious music choices perfectly matches the egomania of its main characters.

But surprisingly, some Redditors have warned against the show for some absurd reasons.


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Fans warn against Peaky Blinders for an absurd urge after watching it

While fans love Peaky Blinders, they are now cautioning people from watching the series because of the urge you may feel to smoke cigars. Now that we cannot un-see it, the heads-up makes sense. The series has at least one of its characters smoking cigars every five minutes of the show, especially the Shelby family boss, Thomas, and his aesthetic grandeur and flamboyance with the cigarettes.

Fans haven’t been able to stop following his lead and have flooded Reddit with this unstoppable urge to smoke cigars.

Someone even commented that they had to resort to a herbal mix like the actors to play safe.

Anything to be like Tommy man,” another commented.

Other fans have also commented about the same issue. Although all of it just seems hilarious for the time being, it’s a serious grievance lodged by the Peaky Blinders fandom. After all, it’s all fun and good until the viewers start falling sick which might result in as serious action by the streamer.


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The show has been one of the Netflix top Hits of all times till date. With massive plot twists, climax, war centred aesthetic themes and background effects, this goes down as one of most beloved shows in the history of the streaming platform. Thus, these minute hysterical complaints stand no where in stopping the fans to binge-watch the series.

Nevertheless, the finale has been jaw-dropping with a perfect plot and brilliant characters. But the last episodes skirted around some unanswered questions. That left the curious fans off the cliffhanger, which they hope would find answers in the rumored upcoming movie as the endgame of the storyline.


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Did you face the same problem while watching Peaky Blinders? Share your problems in the comments below.




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