Shraddha Das is a Content Lead and the Sub Group Head at Netflix Junkie. Captivated by the power of storytelling and the written word at a young age, which led her to pursue a career in journalism at the Esteemed KIIT School of Journalism and Mass Communication, in Orissa. She has over 1500 articles to her name. She takes pride in her work, always striving to provide insightful and informative content that her readers can trust. Her report on Buckingham Palace Green Lights Investigations Into the Monarchy’s Account on Disclosure of Links With Slavery is a prime example of her dedication to unbiased reporting. Her love for literature and film intertwines, as she finds solace in book adaptations turned into Hollywood productions. When she is not chasing a story, you will find her engrossed in a Christopher Nolan movie, eagerly waiting to review the latest blockbuster. In her free time, she enjoys revisiting classics like Oscar Wilde, Hemmingway, Jane Austen, Brontës, or losing her mind over any psychotic thriller franchises or heartwrenching historical world war masterpieces.