What All Did Netflix Unveil on the ‘Stranger Things’ Day, 2022?

Published 11/07/2022, 5:30 PM EST

Although Stranger Things season 5 is yet a distant view, the franchise has not let the excitement around it tone down. Fans across the globe are holding their breaths and eagerly waiting for the final season to arrive. Amidst all anticipation, a slew of tweets fanned the flames of the excitement of the fans. Are you aware of what it was? 

The official Twitter page of the Netflix blockbuster recently posted a tweet stating that this day, 6th November, was officially the day we celebrate the Stranger Things saga. We will let you know the reason behind fixing the date later. The tweet had a list of all the events that fans across the globe celebrated hour by hour the previous day. The entire fandom took part in all sorts of fun games and quizzes, and tell you what, it was one of the unforgettable days in 2022. 


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The timeline of Stranger Things day: from midnight to noon

As per the tweet, the whole world was to make a shift from our normal lives to those in Hawkins, Indiana, in order to celebrate the streamer’s biggest blockbuster to date. The timing was set according to Pacific time and all events started at midnight (8 am in the United Kingdom). As enlisted, first came the “Kick off!” marking the commencement of the enthralling Sunday sharp at 12 am. The kicking-off dropped some amazing profile icons of all our favorites from the show to choose from. Hope you had chosen yours too! 

Following it, after a gap of eight hours, we got the New Photo Drop 001 at 8 am. The five back-to-back overwhelming pictures were too much for our hearts to handle. In fact, fans could not stop getting all mushy over the threads of our best duos on set. The BTS scenes with Eleven and Will sleeping like two little tired kids clinging on to each other got our hearts bursting with love. Meanwhile, the mesmerizing Eddie Munson picture almost got us whimpering 

Following this, was the “Prepare to be puzzled” saga. It was an interesting game of solving a mysterious puzzle and tracking down the clues. The game was available to play on Netflix’s game section exclusively on the 6th of November, only. 

Moving forward, we had the Roblox watch party! at 11 am. The account tweeted a Roblox game link for the fandom to play together the spine-chilling adventures of Stranger Things. In the next half an hour, we had New Photo Drop 002. It was another bombshell of a photo drop with the millennial gang of Hawkins. In fact, we could not help but gush at the heartwarming pictures of Jim smiling and our young adults guffawing amongst themselves. 

The timeline of Stranger Things day: from afternoon to midnight

Furthermore, the 1 pm event read Headsets on. However, it was a heads-up for an upcoming merch that they will launch in the Decembers of 2023. Hence, it is almost a year to it. Although it was an advertisement, it was quite enough to keep the fans going. 

At 2 pm, we had the biggest surprise of the day with the Superfan trivia with none other than Megan Thee Stallion. The star tested her knowledge about the show and proved herself to be one mad fan of the show, just like us. 

Lastly, 3 pm was the merch hour while for 4, which marked the last event of the day, the account had given a subtle heads-up to “be there” for a super secret. Fans were sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting in unison to celebrate the finale of what Netflix called #strangerthingsday. As enthralling as it was, we were stunned to see the cover script of the first chapter of the final season. 


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Why did we choose this day for the celebration?

This day was marked as the #strangerthingsday as November 6 is the date when we lost our very own Will Byers for the first time into Vecna’s Upside Down back in 1983. This was posted yesterday on both the official accounts of Stranger Things as well as Netflix. 


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Did you celebrate the day to its fullest like us? Which part did you like the most? Share your experience in the comments below.




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