Watch: Millie Bobby Brown, A ‘Swiftie’ Grooves On Taylor Swift’s Latest Album

Published 11/25/2022, 11:00 AM EST

What started as a central role in Netflix’s sci-fi thriller has ended up making Millie Bobby Brown the current sensation of the genre. The British star after giving a knockout performance in Stranger Things has started to explore more of her side hobbies and interests. A few of her myriad fascinations include makeup and hitting the floor frequently with one of her favorite songs. 

Time and again, the 18 year-old-star has given us a glimpse of her dancing skills in various segments. Starting from grooving to Walmart Guy to vibing to her favorite singers, she loves to do it all. Once again, Brown has shared a recent video on her YouTube channel that has caused a stir among fans. 


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YouTube rejoices as Millie Bobby Brown shares yet another swiftie moment

Under open skies in her recently launched frost wear, Millie Bobby Brown threw herself into Taylor Swift’s latest music album. Dancing to her Anti-Hero beats, Brown slayed her moves and the oversized beige cardigan with all her spirit in the video. As surprised as we are, Fans too were taken away when they learned Brown is a Taylor Swift fan. Or more precisely what they called, a Swiftie. Although this is not the first time Brown vibing to Swift. 

She kept the caption small and precise stating, ”it’s me❤️” and stayed true to it by being refreshingly open and confident. Meanwhile, some fans could not stop drooling over her outfit and easy moves, others could not stop gushing about her love for Swift’s songs. 

Wow Millie, it feels good that you’re a swiftie too” commented a fan.

I love how Millie is a swiftie like us 😭,” another commented. 

Yesss slayyy I’m literally obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s so good, also your outfit is amazing,” wrote another user in the comment section of her video segment. 


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We love Millie and her Swiftie moments,” gushed another fan in the comments. 

Not only swirling around to her favorite tunes but singing too has been a significant liking of the star. Quite often she bombards us with video footage where she would be singing along with her favorite stars like Rihanna and Ariana Grande


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Did you enjoy watching Millie Bobby Brown is the total swiftie that she is? 




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