WATCH: Every Julia Garner Moment from ‘Inventing Anna’ Where We Were Left In Awe of The ‘Ozark’ Star’s Brilliance

Published 08/13/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

A criminal queen consort with a stunningly deceptive accent who can turn the entire world upside down with her aura. Sounds familiar? No, we’re not talking about Stranger Things upside down. Nope, not talking about Ozark either. Yes unquestionably it’s our beloved Julia Garner but this time it isn’t the lakes.

Garner’s other masterpiece has made it a bit easier for fans to overcome the loss of their favourite, Ruth Langmore. Let us tell you how she nailed another real-life character, Anna Delvy in her limited crime series, Inventing Anna.


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Julia Garner and her charismatic Anna Delvy

The New York-born, Bronx girl, Julia acted in yet another crime and drama series, based on a true story about Anna Delvy. The storyline goes by a Russian native mastermind who disguises herself as a sophisticated rich German heiress. Slowly and stealthily, the Russian spy makes her way to America’s greatest city, New York. Sneaking right under the nose of the US’s top head honchos, she scams banks, hotels, and rich acquaintances out of thousands of dollars.

This incident dates back seven years ago in 2013. Netflix without much further adieu released an adaptation of the same starring the brilliant Ozark star, Julia. This series was brought to life by Shonda Rhimes, who invested her all in the young and talented actress, Julia Garner. While weaving tales of her moneyed background and interest in business and the arts, Julia shows how the woman in her twenties wreaked havoc in the world’s largest country.


Julia Garner Reveals a Six-Step Guide to Becoming the Con Artist Anna Delvey and Securing an Emmy Nomination

over 1 year ago

Ruth or Anna, who do you think is gonna grab the third Emmy?

Who’s more famous right now than Anna Delvy?


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Besides Ozark, Anna is the name the star is known by. After all, the star managed to fetch yet another Emmy nomination for her works in Ozark as well as the limited TV series, Inventing Anna. She is nominated once again as the best-supporting actress as Ruth and as the leading actress for Anna Sorokin. With ridiculously high chances of winning, the star might very well strike a hat trick with three consecutive Emmys since 2019.

Now we just have to wait and watch which character of Julia Garner wins it all. Fans might first pick up on Sorokin’s strange hybrid accent, which blends Russian and German with a sprinkling of American. However, Ruth Langmore, although dead, is still good enough to give tough competition to all her counterparts.


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What do you think? Which of Garner’s characters will bag the Emmy this year?

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