“Their chemistry is palpable” : ‘Purple Hearts’ Deleted Scene Makes Fans Go Weak in The Knees

Published 08/28/2022, 8:30 PM EDT

Purple Hearts is a story as old as time involving marriage fraud to gain money and health benefits. In Spite of their many differences, Cassie, a struggling songwriter and Luke, a troubled marine agree to tie knots only for military benefits.

Turns out they actually develop a great chemistry between themselves over the course of time. The honesty in expressing their affection and attraction for each other, loaded with heated tensions between the two made it one of the beloved romance stories on Netflix.


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Netflix releases a deleted scene showing an alluring scene between Purple Hearts couples

Now, this is where fans give away their hearts.In the era of movies like 365 Days and Fifty shades of grey, comfort scenes with sexual overtones are what make movies like Purple Hearts stand out. Subtlety flows through all the scenes of the movie with an equal tinge of erotic glimpses. However, you’d be surprised to know but Purple Hearts has a scene deleted from the film on Netflix. The original piece is just everything that’ll make your heart flutter.

The official account of Netflix on Twitter released a video segment of the film yesterday. It is supposedly a deleted scene from the original piece. This scene shows a key moment of development in the relationship between Luke and Cassie. One of many scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, This scene shows Cassie and Luke sharing a tender moment which could have potentially been their first kissing scene.

Fans have gone crazy over the video clip and demand to get it back.l

Although Netflix chose to cut it off, fans want reimbursement of the scene. They simply can’t get over the clip and have been shipping the couple harder than ever.


Some even demand a sequel asap as they cannot get enough of our sweethearts.

“I’d pay to watch these deleted scenes.” said another.


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This movie is straight up gorgeous. A lot of the scenes are beautifully that simply warna your heart. In addition to that, the story and acting makes you go teary multiple times. This isn’t your average romance movie of the 20s. This is the embodiment of taking overused ideas and making them your own. Sofia and Nicholas draw you into the movie and bring out all your emotions; and that exactly what makes them the power couple they’l are, on-screen.


“It was really a powerful scene”: Sofia Carson Reveals Her Favourite Scene From ‘Purple Hearts’

over 1 year ago


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From sound and music to acting and writing; even if romance movies aren’t usually your thing, this movie is a must. Seen it yet? If no, watch right now, exclusively on Netflix.





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