‘The Crown’ Season 6 Has Fans in a Clutch, as the Royal Drama Nears Its End on Netflix

Published 11/16/2023, 10:05 AM EST

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One of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed historical dramas, The Crown has captivated audiences with its spell of a meticulously woven narrative. While chronicling the reign of the British monarchy, the OTT mogul transferred audiences from the life of Queen Elizabeth II to the fateful saga of Princess Diana. As the series approached its conclusion in the sixth season, anticipation mingled with an unmistakable air of finality, signifying the end of an era for both the avid fans and the makers of the show.

In its sixth installment, The Crown vowed to present a culmination of the series’ narrative while delving into some young royals’ lives. The show’s creators even hinted that Prince Harry and Prince William will take center stage in the story. However, before getting to that, they had to wrap up Princess Diana’s arc, which ended with her demise. So, that is what the series opened within the first half of season 6. 


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As the show delved into the tumultuous period that ensued after Princess Diana’ tragic demise, the reverberations rippled through the royal family and the entire nation. From there began the emotionally charged exploration of the show’s other characters. The monarchy confronts the challenges of maintaining its public image in the wake of this heart-wrenching event. This riveting storyline gripped the viewer’s attention tightly.  


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Judging by the initial reviews that the show has received, it seems like most audiences are thoroughly impressed by the cast and crew’s efforts. 

Final Season of The Crown leaves netizens feeling emotional

With its theme that arouses worldwide interest and a remarkably talented cast, The Crown has earned praise from its start. Now, as the series wraps up the first part of its final season, there are bittersweet feelings all around. Many were already dreading the end of their beloved show. So, the depiction of Princess Diana’s demise caused many to break down. Whether through Emma Corrin or later Elizabeth Debicki, fans had come to love Princess Diana’s underdog character the most. 

For one user, not only Princess Diana’s demise but the entire part one of season six was a gut-wrenching experience. Another felt that the most stirring episode was the third.

However, some did not approve of it. One user seemed unimpressed by the latest season’s over-simplification of the story it is based on.


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Since only the first part of this season has been released so far, there is a lot more drama headed fans’ way. Hopefully, the second half will be as riveting a watch as viewers have deemed part one to be. 


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Which moment was your favorite from the sixth season of The Crown? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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