Ibadat Kaur

Ibadat Kaur is an entertainment writer at Netflix Junkie. Her love for Narcos & Pedro Pascal is what brought her to the world of entertainment news. She has immense love for historical and investigative documentaries on people and cultural practices. If this was not enough, she was a blogger prior to keeping her step in the glitz and glamor of the entertainment world and covered culture and heritage while traveling across Central and South America. For Ibadat, writing has been her safe space, and she aims to pick up reviewing anthology formats like Black Mirror & Criminal at Netflix Junkie. If you want an expert on comedy (dark and satire) psychology or travel, then Ibadat is your person. While you will mostly find her covering everything and anything from the world of entertainment, about her favorite celebrities, shows, and movies, Ibadat is an avid Schitt's Creek fan and loves the novel George Orwell’s 1984. And if not this, she will be seen actively backpacking for her next trip, petting her dog Raven, or studying the human condition (side-eye).