‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: Toilet Water Dripping on Mike? Maya Hawke’s Leak Gives a Surprising Peak at Finale

Published 05/21/2024, 10:55 PM EDT

Whenever a fan-favorite show delays its public reveal, relentless leaks on social media tend to fill the void for eager fans. While most of these leaks are unauthorized, the latest reveal for Stranger Things' final season was an official one, coming from the Netflix star, Maya Hawke. She recently provided a sneak peek of a sequence featuring Mike Wheeler, after previously mentioning the ongoing hiccups in filming. 

This glimpse of the last lap, however, unfortunately, ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans speculating wildly about what happens next.

What spoiler did Maya Hawke give for Mike Wheeler’s character from Stranger Things 5?


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Shortly after the fleeting glimpse of the Vegas Sphere resonating Mind Flayer via circulating clips on social, Maya Hawke came to give fans a second dose of thrill. Although her last interaction was a bit of a let-down with delays in filming, Hawke just may have led the road of redemption, with a shocking revelation of a part of the finale’s script on Instagram from a sequence involving Mike Wheeler where toilet water appears to be dripping on him.

The scene reportedly occurs in a stall where Mike feels something hit his head. Noticing a dripping sensation, he looks out and realizes it might be toilet water dripping from above. While this seems minor, the suspense builds with a cautionary "wait" as Mike hears something else. However, the script ends abruptly, leaving what happens next a mystery.

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Knowing Stranger Things fans, this cliffhanger was too much to intake. Hence, they took back to their favorite resort- fan theories.

Fan theories sprawl up to dot the lines of Maya Hawke’s leak to Mike Wheeler’s story

In 2022, when Stranger Things 4 premiered on the streaming giant, each episode seemed like a new journey of suspense, culminating in a massive cliffhanger. Fans were still reeling from the attack on Max and its aftermath when the new Mike Wheeler sequence was revealed, sparking even more fan theories. 

Many believed Mike was "in trouble," while others speculated about the identity of the kid talking to Robin the script. 


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Those left wondering about the next developments felt an urgent need for answers. One user suggested that the sound Mike hears could be gunshots, but no one knows for sure. Therefore, to find out the actual route of continuity, fans will have to wait until season 5 is released. Although the wait may be long, it will ultimately reveal whether fan theories hold or burst.


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What do you think happens to Mike Wheeler from Maya Hawke's unexpected script revelation from the Stranger Things finale? Let us know in the comments below!



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