Las Vegas Shudders as 'Stranger Things’ Mind Flayer Unleashes Upside Down Horrors in the Big Sphere in a Terrifying Return

Published 05/21/2024, 1:06 AM EDT

With Stranger Things' final showdown inching closer, America's fascination with the hit sci-fi series has reached a fever pitch, evident in every corner of pop culture. From merchandise to theme parks, games to skit dramas, the Netflix blockbuster has spawned a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing. And now, the Las Vegas Sphere's immersive celebration takes the excitement to new heights. With each new iteration, the thrill only intensifies, cementing Stranger Things' place as a cultural touchstone. 

The Upside Down has officially turned right side up, for the second time, and America still cannot get enough. 

Stranger Things' Mind Flayer takes over Las Vegas


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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things’ VR team and Meta Quest VR joined forces to create an immersive experience like no other on the eve of May 19th. The Vegas Sphere, the state-of-the-art entertainment venue, played host to a terrifying adventure, transporting fans into the heart of Hawkins. The Sphere created an illusion of cracking open into one of the dreaded gates of Upside Down, bringing Mind Flayer to life for a second time; the first glimpse dating back to November, last year. 

The VR experience leveraged cutting-edge technology to recreate the show's underground realm, giving fans a quick heads-up of the horrors that lurk in the Upside Down. With Meta Quest VR's advanced portrayal, every creaking tuck and every flickering light, and felt almost lifelike to the fans. To top it all was the Sphere's pulsating lights and a Netflix-esque opening soundscape of the show that fans are most familiar with.

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Thrilled fans took to social media platforms to showcase America’s obsession with the fan-favorite show. 

Fans react to the terrific phenomenon unfold

As fans relished the unparalleled level of immersion and terror unfolding in the night sky, they took to X to express their ecstasy. While various users flooded the platform with praises of the advanced technological world, fans cried out impatiently to get to see the final installment of the show. Others imagined how it would be "a nightmare for someone on shrooms".

A couple of them exclaimed at missing out on the opportunity to witness the phenomenon as they were out of town on Sunday night. 


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Nonetheless, fans need to keep calm. The production on the fifth season of Stranger Things is nowhere near an end, with a release date yet to be confirmed. Industry sources suggest a possible delay until 2025, along with another Millie Bobby Brown project delayed likewise. In the interim, fans can anticipate other sources to feed their mind fodder with the ongoing stage play, Stranger Things: The First Shadow. 


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