‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Drops a Major Update for Will Byers Amidst Ongoing Production

Published 05/19/2024, 10:55 PM EDT

With Stranger Things season 5, the world of Upside Down will call it a wrap, as will Vecna and Eleven’s gang members. However, with the hiccups between the ongoing filming of this last dance, fans’ anticipation is echoing through walls and hitting the roof. Amidst the elevated state of expectation, a major update has been dropped regarding one of its core characters, Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp. 

The latest update could invariably set a fresh arc for Will’s character and, if accurate, could mean a different course of action for the show’s plotline altogether.

What is the latest Stranger Things update on Will Byers?


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As Stranger Things aims to wrap its chapter from nearly a decade with its fifth and final season, the peeking branches of cliffhangers are supposed to coil back to their stems. But amidst the dilly-dallying in its ongoing filming process, an unexpected branch of a fresh hook has accompanied, aimed at Will Byer’s character arc. Although Stranger Things has focused on character development throughout, this time, Will’s character might be prey to Cupid’s arrow as per My Time to Shine’s update on X.

In Stranger Things, almost every depiction has had a shot at love except Will. The blend of Eldritch horror and romance is a hallmark of the show, from the iconic Mike-Eleven romance to Hopper and Joyce, Max and Lucas, Nancy and Jonathan, and others. However, Will's love interest remains a mystery, making it one of the most anticipated developments for the series' final chapter.

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Having said that, the surge of fan theories is already in place with enthusiasts suggesting their best picks for the character set to helm as Will Buyer’s lover.

Will Byers’ love story speculation in Stranger Things 5 leaves fans guessing

The narrative of Stranger Things began with Will Byers, and it seems fitting that it culminates with him as well. The creators' commitment to bringing the story full circle suggests that Will's character will play a pivotal role in the season's outcome. While the potential for a love interest to significantly impact events is intriguing, the specifics remain unknown. 

Fans have speculated, with many leaning towards the idea of Mike Wheeler, although others argue for the enduring romance of Mike and Eleven.


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It is common knowledge among Stranger Things enthusiasts that Mike and Will have been inseparable since kindergarten, sharing a deep bond. Yet, some fans have long suspected that there could be unspoken feelings developing within Will towards Mike. Clues such as Will's evident favoritism towards Mike and his selective memory recovery hinted at a deeper connection. However, whether these speculations hold any truth is uncertain. With the series approaching its conclusion, hopefully, those questions will finally be answered.


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