‘Sex Education’s Cheeky Cameo from ‘Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson Has A ‘Blink and you miss it’ Joffrey Baratheon Reference

Published 09/25/2023, 6:22 AM EDT

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In the quaint town of Moordale, something extraordinary was brewing in the fourth season of Sex Education. Amidst all the typical teenage drama and daring discussions, a blast from the past was tucked away in the guise of Dodgy Mo. The washed-out-looking Mo who was a friend of Maeve’s brother was played by the legendary Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson. In his portrayal of Joffrey, Gleeson created probably one of the most hated characters in the history of television series.

Somehow, the makers even squeezed in a tribute to the sadistic young king.

Sex Education Season 4’s royal surprise from Games of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson


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One of the most unexpected turns the show served this season was the passing away of Maeve’s mother. As Otis’s beau made preparations for her funeral upon returning from the USA she had to do so despite her absconding brother. So, when Otis and Eric showed up at Mo’s to find him, Mo told them to take away the flowers for the funeral that spelled out ‘Mom’ because of his “allergies”. Well, Gleeson’ Mo shared his dislike of flowers with Joffrey Baratheon!

In Game of Thrones, the cruel king Joffrey would often shout instructions at his attendants. During a conversation in the second episode of the third season, Joffrey screams “I said no flowers” at his tailor. Could it be fortuitous that Gleeson’s short cameo in Sex Education portrayed an aversion to the same thing? Regardless of whether it was chance or intended, Gleeson’s convincing delivery in the Netflix series stunned all. 


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Soon, the 31-year-old will appear in another series revolving around the adventures of some youngins. 

After Game of Thrones, Gleeson will again play a mean man in this

Now, the Game of Thrones hype has morphed into its House of the Dragons spin-off which is about to receive its second season with some elements of the original show. Meanwhile, Jack Gleeson has joined the cast of an upcoming movie based on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels. Furthermore, he seems to have slipped back into the antagonist’s skin as the first look of his character, Wentworth, clearly portrays.   


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After his more-than-convincing stint as Joffrey Baratheon, the Batman Begins actor is bound to be perfect for this new part. Since Game of Thrones, he had been on a sabbatical of sorts while taking a break from acting. Now having tested the waters with the Sex Education cameo, his fans are excited to hear that his villainous talents will return with the mystery-thriller film. 


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Did you pick up on the Joffrey reference in the Sex Education scene? Tell us your answer in the comments. 



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