Loved The Horror Element in ‘I Came By’? Here Are 5 Similar Movies That You Need to Watch

Published 09/08/2022, 3:00 PM EDT

Netflix’s I Came By was a chilling and creepy horror masterpiece due to the events depicting some gruesome horrors. Bonneville played it with an utterly terrifying menace. As he discovers darker truths about a judge, the young graffiti artist and his family fall into the quagmire of crime and gore. The movie takes a horrific turn, although it’s somehow (or at least as UK people believe) based on true events.



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The killer who created the air and apprehension of trembling horror is depicted as a composite of different high-profile killers and abusers that stalked British society at different points in contemporary times. The depraved psychotic monster is driven by rage and a compulsive urge to inflict violence upon victims who he profiles, grooms, and entraps—running out of content like this? Here’s a list of 5 such movies that are a must-watch for you if you loved the above-mentioned movie.

Netflixable movies like I Came By

Under Suspicion is again a cat-and-mouse psychological thriller that tells us how difficult it is to comprehend the truth about human beings. It is a remake of a French Film based on a book written by John Wainwright. The movie is set in Puerto Rico and has Morgan Freeman as the leading cast.

The story is more about the exhausting yet failed interrogation of the suspect than the crime that has been committed. The dark and bewildering moments hence make the movie come under Netflix’s straight-up must-watches.

This movie is a masterclass in how to build suspense and play with the minds of the audience. It follows an ingenious plot direction that could only come from the mind of a gifted director like David Fincher.

It revolves around a banker who pushes himself deep into serious trouble after his brother gives him a weird gift, the chance to play a horrendous game. This movie will make you love it just for the sake of it, with some profound life lessons even with its hard-to-swallow reveal at the end.

Just so you know, The Hunt is nothing but a ten times more horrific version of I Came By. The movie simply kicks it up a notch with an elite group of gangsters who kill people just for fun. With excessive and rich content or gore and carnage, the movie might give you difficulty getting a night of sound sleep.

Stephen King’s adaptations went through a renaissance in this movie. Following the similar theme of psychotic horror and unsettling imagery, this movie also keeps you grounded with emotional depth. In addition, buildup and the unleash of horror every now, in the most unexpected moments, will get you killed.

However, releasing the plotline would actually be releasing the spoilers for this. Hence, we would give you no more of it. The trailer would suffice in compelling you to watch the movie.


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Following the theme of crime and thriller, this movie was released two years ago in 2019 on Netflix. The film does an amazing job of keeping us all at the edge of our seats at the beginning. It involves a psychopathic writer who jots down stories about horrendous crime and mayhem. But that’s not all of it.

Not only does he pen down the crime on a sheet of paper, he actually goes on committing the same crime in the real world. Yes, you read it right. Now watch it at your own risk.


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