‘Joy’ on Netflix: What Is This IVF Movie All About? Release Date, Cast, and More

Published 09/24/2023, 1:04 PM EDT

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Amidst the monumental SAG-AFTRA strikes rocking Hollywood, Netflix has begun work on another upcoming flick, Joy. Evidently, the streaming giant has not wavered from its streak of pumping back-to-back originals while battling the ongoing protests. Especially in its ever-increasing library in the genres of documentaries and biographies. Led by a Golden Globe-winning actor, Joy will depict the medical theme of IVF procedures. Through it, the OTT mogul will aim to deliver a touching story based on true events. 

Even so, the story behind it was once considered miraculous enough to be considered fiction! 

What is the story behind the Netflix movie Joy?


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Just yesterday, Screen Daily reported that the production for the movie has begun in the UK. Although no release date has been set for the movie yet, the story behind it is publicly known. In 1978, reproductive sciences marked one of its biggest breakthroughs by producing the first-ever test-tube infant. The child was named Louise Joy Brown, from whose middle name the film drew its title. The movie is based on three individuals who set out to find Joy Brown. 

After Netflix’s Capturing the Killer Nurse documentary, which also inspired a crime-thriller flick, Joy features a much more uplifting story from the field of medicine. It will include glimpses of the Nobel Prize-winning scientists who invented the in vitro fertilization process. Notably, Netflix has roped in an impressive cast to achieve this feat too!


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After all, the crew members of Joy include not one but two BAFTA winners

Two BAFTA winners and this Sex Education director team up for Joy


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Among the line-up that headlines the upcoming flick is Bill Nighy, known for his performance in Love Actually. Besides him, James Norton and Last Night in Soho actress Thomasin McKenzie have also been cast. For the script, Jack Thorne, who has won multiple BAFTA awards, and Rachel Mason have been appointed. Meanwhile, Ben Taylor, who served as the director for Netflix’s Sex Education, will also serve as director on Joy

During his time on the sets of Sex Education, Taylor was able to deliver such great episodes that they were considered among the best of 2020. So, it is a given that Joy is in safe hands under his leadership. Meanwhile, the cast and crew are no less impressive either. For those who love Netflix’s originals based on gripping real-life stories, Joy will be a must-watch. 


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