“I hate who I am”: Will Byers’ Script From ‘Stranger Things’ Trends on Twitter as Fans Empathize with Noah Schnapp’s Character

Published 08/07/2022, 9:30 PM EDT

Stranger Things is in its final stages now, and Hawkins’s fate has never been more perilous. The gate to the Upside Down has completely opened, and the Soviet’s role in the play has been exposed. With a series of new reveals, a heartbreaking death, some gender disclosure and fiery chemistry between the 80’s geek nerds, the fourth season was the cherry on top of the franchise. The season was also about Will Byers and his sexual identity, and we guess we might have something here!

Recently fans dug out the Stranger Things script and Will’s dialogue in it. And ever since, Twitter has been buzzing with sympathetic messages for Will.


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Will Byers stabbed a dagger in his own heart with this script

Twitter in recent hours has been flooded with posts under the hashtag #bylerscript.

The fact that Will “hates himself” hit the fans a bit too harder than expected. But worry ya not, since we all on the same page.

A script of Noah Schnapp in the van scene is now surfacing on the internet. With thousands of unsolicited opinions and interpretations, with Noah himself voicing out thoughts, it’s now confirmed that Will is homosexual and has a massive inclination toward Mike. In the van, Mike is on the verge of giving up on the entire mess. He’s all baffled about Els’s feelings towards him, and Will comforts him with all his might. Even if he’s himself devastated and has “ripped off the Band-aid,” he continues to catalyse Mike’s feelings for El.

Throughout the entire franchise, Mike is the only person to who Will is closest. He shares things with him that he does with no other. He is never as sensitive to anyone else in the gang as he is to Mike. The moment he turns his face away and cries to himself was one of the most emotional scenes of the entire season. From the beginning, it’s crystal clear that he has always faced difficulty opening up to Mike. And now that the Van scene finally confirmed our two cents, it is even more heartbreaking to think about Mike’s confession to El.


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Although Will hates himself, Noah Schnapp adores him

Noah is unquestionably the perfect suit for a character like Will Byers. No one could have ever played it as perfectly as Noah did. After knocking his character off the park, Noah in an interview opened up about Will’s sexuality.


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Ever since the beginning, Will has been through all of it. Abducted into the Upside Down, followed by getting possessed by the Mind Flayer, seemingly abandoned by his best friends and then, perhaps the worst, finding his love interest fall in love with someone else right before his eyes. Although it breaks out heart to see Will suffer so much right from the beginning, Noah loves it.

He loves to play his character and revealed to the Variety Magazine that, “Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike,” Schnapp said. “It was a slow arc. I think it is done so beautifully because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay.” He feels like the Duffers never really addressed it or blatantly said how Will ishomosexual. “But that’s exactly the beauty of it.” he added.


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With the majority of it being hinted at in the fourth season, the fifth might finally come up with Will opening up about his sexuality and feeling. While we wait for the Endgame, stream all seasons of Strangers Things if you haven’t, exclusively on Netflix.




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