Canceling Kanye West on Social Media is No Longer an Option to Keep Controversies at Bay, Here’s Why

Published 10/17/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

After witnessing Kanye West and his uncontrollable outrage on social media, news of canceling the Donda rapper has once again surfaced on the internet. However, this time it might not be a successful move, as many factors have come into consideration in the past few decades. The rapper, who is now known for being a provocateur, got his Twitter and Instagram accounts locked over anti-Semitism. But entirely canceling the entity would not be an easy task, per reports. 

According to CNN, many officials and authorities have now started to think of stopping Kanye. However, the chance of succeeding at this is a tough bid to pull. Here are some reasons, as stated by sources, that might not let the world cancel Kanye. 


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“Am I canceled again?” – Kanye West and the White Lives Matter Controversy Drags in the Biebers

over 1 year ago

Diversity in media

Reports prove that the Cancel Culture if not anything else is a rather subjective matter across social media. No doubt the vast majority of the internet has chosen to oppose Kanye West and his unpredictable actions. However, there exists a small chunk of the diverse media that has openly lent their support to the star on all his controversial affirmations. 

Speaking of the said factor, a senior critic at Washington Post stated that “West’s celebrity status has kept us watching and listening mostly because we’re keenly aware that so many others are also paying attention”. 

The Trump effect on Kanye West

Out of all his notoriously controversial public statements, the one that still tops the bar is his admiration for the former American President, Donald Trump. The two said legends have seemingly gotten along with each other due to their similar approach to certain matters. In fact, the two men now share some mutual fans and supporters who have got their back.

The Act! For America founder Brigitte Gabriel reportedly took to Twitter to lend her support to West. All of it in light of his friendship with Trump. Hence, this comes as a massive obstruction in the way of canceling Ye. 


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The Art v/s the Artist 

Irrespective of all the perilous waters that Ye has stepped in, the one thing that has worked forever as a lifejacket for the star is his music career as a rapper. People undoubtedly abhor his ugly stereotypical thoughts. However, his albums and tracks remain the top favorites for his audience.


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This was very well proved at the event where Kanye gave yet another hateful statement regarding slavery. There was a massive outbreak on the internet that went against the star. Regardless, the Billboard chart reportedly featured all seven tracks of his Ye album in the top 40. 

Thus, even after his controversial hate slogan of White Lives Matter, there seems no possible action against the top celebrated rapper. What is your take on this?




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