While Kanye West Fans Await His Next Album, Nick Grant Brings New Life Into His 2010 Track

Published 09/24/2023, 6:13 AM EDT

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Since Kanye West released ‘Donda 2’ in 2022, his fans have patiently waited for the next big thing from the 24-time Grammy winner. While he works on it, stories of his antics from across the globe have constantly made headlines. Meanwhile, the new album is as much shrouded in mystery as the rapper’s recent controversial affairs. However, that does not stop his fans and admirers from appreciating his previous works from his decades-long career. 

Recently, Nick Grant, who considers Kanye West a major influence on his rap among other artists, gave tribute to an old track of West’s.

Nick Grant chooses the beats of this Kanye West track for his freestyle


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Earlier this week, the ‘Return of the Cool’ singer appeared on an episode of Justin Credible’s Freestyle Series on the Power 106 Los Angeles radio show. In it, he chose to freestyle over the beats of Kanye West’s ‘Devil in a New Dress’. The song was among the many fan-favorite hits from the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album that entered the Billboard Hot 200 in July. In Grant’s rendition, the verses were obviously switched up but still held the charm of the OG beat from West’s original. 

The series, which has also seen performances by J Cole and 6LACK features freestyles from various budding and established artists. Whereas for Grant, it was the perfect opportunity to promote his newly released ‘Sunday Dinner’ album. Meanwhile, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ could not have resurfaced at a better time. After Nick Grant, the ‘Graduation’ rapper might revive it soon too!


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This is because it is supposed to have a rather close connection to Ye’s next album.

How could Ye’s new album bring his 2010 album back in the spotlight?

According to rumors that surfaced earlier, Kanye West’s latest album is going to insert some aspects of two previous albums from the 46-year-old. One of them is none other than ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. And the second is supposed to be ‘The Life of Pablo’. This 2016 album also won him the Best Rap Album award at the 2017 Grammy Awards. As two of the fan favorites among his many works, this raised the already high levels of anticipation fans are feeling for the record.


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Earlier this month, the father of four attended the London Fashion Week with Bianca Censori. There, he previewed some of his new music from the upcoming album. These growing teasers from him may be pointing in the direction of a soon-to-launch album. At least that is what the fans have been led to believe. If the rumors about it featuring a mix of the previously mentioned albums are true, it is bound to be iconic. 


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What did you think of Nick Grant’s freestyle over Ye’s beats? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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