'Vultures 2' Album “Is still very much alive” Claims Ye Insider Luit in a Latest Infodump Amidst Prolonged Delays, Fans React

Published 05/31/2024, 9:44 PM EDT

Being a Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) fan is not for the weak-hearted. The 'Donda' Rapper has made it pretty clear to his fandom by years of unprecedented delays and sudden halts to some of his most anticipated works ever. With each passing year, it only gets tougher with fans now relying on denial to cope with Ye’s album cease. Following ‘Vultures’ Drop, Ye and the team announced the release of a second album thereafter. However, the date set for the same has been long ditched. Nonetheless, not all is gone. 

At a point where fans were almost convinced that 'Vultures 2' will never see the light of the day, a new update has confirmed otherwise.

Whereabouts of Ye’s Vultures 2 Album


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A Ye insider named Luit revealed in a latest ‘info dump’ about the whereabouts of the long overdue album. The “album is still very much alive” wrote Luit via YZYCORD. Adding to it, he has confirmed that ‘Vultures 2’ is 100% clean and is now censored much like the Donda album. From all the pointers, what stands out as the shocker is the update on Ye sampling 2pac for one of the new songs in the album. 

As for Ty Dolla $ign’s verse, the rapper-songwriter has added his verse to multiple songs on the album. The duo has reworked the songs ’River’ and ‘Lifestyle’, and is “focused heavily on elevating the production of all the songs,” reported the dump. The current list of songs on the album roughly stands at ⅓ new songs and ⅔ old songs. As a cherry on top, the update also added how fans can also expect new Ye vocals

Amidst 'Vultures 2' Disappointment, Ye’s ‘No Face’ Verse for Ghostface Killah Garners Mixed Reactions From Fans

Although this comes as a piece of good news for Ye fans, many of them are still in denial and the rest are cynical. 

Fans gear up for another heartbreak from Ye

Despite exciting updates on ‘Vultures 2’, fans look before they leap into the joy of welcoming the album. While some have expressed disappointment over censoring, others are low key down for a ‘Donda ’-like vibe. “Censored means we lose the Vultures vibe,” writes a user while another suggested to just re-record the verses. 

Out of frustration, a loyal Ye fan seemed to part ways with the rapper, while joining forces with Adidas.


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Another has made it firm that he is not going to believe anything on the internet until ‘Vultures 2’ drops on streaming services. Ye and team left the fandom shattered as they ditched May 3rd, pulling a complete no-show. While no official updates have been put out from Ye or TY, this comes as the only mind fodder for fans from Ye’s closest lot. 


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Ye’s Collaboration With Ghostface Killah Sets for Launch Amidst Nearing Date for ‘Vultures 2’

What are your thoughts on the recent updates on ‘Vultures 2’? Let us know in the comments below. 



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