Unreleased Sean Leon Track Featuring Kanye West From ‘Donda 2’ Finally Drops Today

Published 12/01/2023, 1:54 AM EST

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When Kanye West released the sequel to his ‘Donda’ album in 2022, his fans’ excitement knew no bounds. While the album was still unfinished when it appeared on the online domain, it came as a relief to his eager fans, who had been thirsting to hear the artist’s music that had long been in production. Among them was the track titled ‘Sci-Fi’ which was overshadowed by other hits like ‘City of Gods’ and ‘Selfish’. Well, Ye had initially planned to feature Canadian rapper: Sean Leon in ‘Sci-Fi’ too. 

The song eventually only carried the Chicago rapper’s verses until Leon released his version today.

Sean Leon launches Oxygen featuring Kanye West


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A fan-run page on X (previously Twitter) shared an exciting update about the Kanye West-co-produced track ‘Oxygen’. Apparently, this “alternate version” of Ye’s ‘Sci-Fi’ was re-released by the IXXI Initiative founder earlier today. The track which was earlier hinted to release soon is now available to stream on multiple platforms. Similar to its previous version, the chorus of the track still features vocals from the ‘College Dropout’ singer.

In fact, the entire verse of the chorus is the exact same as West’s 2022 version of the song. However, it does not contain the same intro that featured the 46-year-old’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian’s vocals from an episode of Saturday Night Live. Apparently, the lyrics that the ‘Donda’ rapper penned down alluded to his separation from The Kardashians star as he reflects on the whole saga. 

The release of ‘Oxygen’ has caught Ye’s fans by surprise, much like his recently dropped ‘Vultures’ did too. 

The spontaneous release and performance of Ye’s Vultures

While Kanye West was sauntering about in Saudi Arabia and working on his new music, he was joined by Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign on his adventures. Amidst it all, the Yeezy founder dropped his latest track ‘Vultures’ in collaboration with his two guests and Bump J. Later, the trio also performed the track live in the Middle-eastern country. 


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When the video of them, dressed in all black, blasting out their new release’s tunes appeared on X, the rap mogul’s fans were elated to glimpse some of his new music. While he is still not believed to be entirely on board with Lil Durk’s appearance on his upcoming album, it seems like fans can expect it sometime soon!


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What do you think of Sean Leon’s version of ‘Sci-Fi’? Do you reckon it is better than Ye’s version from 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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