“THE BOOGEYMAN”- Kendrick Lamar Sets X Ablaze With Yet Another Diss at Drake Following '6:16 in L.A'

Published 05/04/2024, 9:42 PM EDT

Get ready for the ultimate showdown as the rap wars are heating up the mic, as hip-hop heavyweights go head-to-head in a battle of wit, and flow. While Drake did his best to settle scores, Lamar has made clear he is nowhere near done. Fans thought Drake’s ‘Family Matters’ would put things to bed for a while, but Lamar really said, Not today. Nonetheless, with each diss track serving up a fresh dose of fire, sass, and sick beats, fans are all locked in for this lyrical showdown. 

The game is on, and only the best will reign supreme in this cutthroat war that is ultimately redefining the rap landscape. and Lamar is not the one to accept defeat. As reported by NFR a couple of minutes ago, the ‘Bad Blood' singer dropped a fresh nuke titled ‘Not Like Us’, hours after Aubrey Graham's latest wrath. As if 'Euphoria', '6:16 in LA', and 'Meet the Grahams' were not enough, Lamar has thrashed his counterpart, yet again, in his new explosive.


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"Certified lover boy? certified pedophile,” rapped Lamar taking the beef to a whole different level. Having accused Drake of being a 'pedophile', “Why you trollin like a bitch aint you tired? Tryna strike a chord and it's probably minor” taunted the rapper in his lyrical wordplay. While it is the fourth consecutive diss track in the last five days, Lamar has confirmed more diss tracks aimed at Quavo

Within moments of release, fans have flooded the internet with reactions as they witness an era like never before. While some have sided with the ‘IDGAF’ rapper, others have clearly declared Lamar the victorious in this never-ending beef. Nonetheless, while Lamar fans doubt if Drake can recover from this blow, Drake enthusiasts have clapped back stating he is second to none. 

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Regardless of which party has the final laugh, fans are sure that they are witnessing history in the making. 

X goes berserk as K.Dot claps back at Drake

Like most others, a user took to the competition, bewildered, asking if Lamar had dropped again. Another exclaimed how K.Dot was grilling Drizzy at this point. A neutral party, however, thinks it is Lamar who lies with his last diss and “shi sounds desperate imo” 

Another fan account exclaimed in all caps, "KENDRICK IS THE BOOGEYMAN."


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While some enjoy the rap wars, others have termed it an "unfair play."

No matter who gets this feud winning, K. Dot and Drake are undeniably the 1 and 2 of this generation. When the story is told there will be the two that represent this era. Two titans that came together (we daresay) and put on arguably the greatest battle in hip-hop history that will be debated years from now. 


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What is your take on Kendrick Lamar's latest drop?



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