Kanye West vs Adidas Battle Over Yeezy Footwear Culminates in Disappointing News for Ye’s Fans

Published 10/24/2023, 4:33 PM EDT

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When Kanye West channeled his creative genius into an exclusive project with Adidas in 2009, the result essentially revolutionized the sneaker industry. By introducing the Yeezy brand, the iconic rapper and fashion aficionado cemented his place in the world of fashion forever. Meanwhile, his sneakers, which quickly became a symbol of high-end streetwear, started selling like hotcakes. However, it all seems to have gone downhill rather abruptly for Ye. 

After years of conflicts between Adidas and West, the $64 billion worth of company has slashed his name from their brand completely. It was announced earlier today that Adidas has officially dropped its line of Yeezy footwear. Furthermore, they will not even be stocking the 2023 models of the sneakers! An X (formerly known as Twitter) user also posted about this final blow to Kanye West’s Yeezys on the platform.


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While disappointing, this news was not unexpected either. After all, another footwear mogul, Foot Locker had paused restocking Yeezy’s earlier this month too. With West’s innovative designs that blended luxury and street style seamlessly, he captured the hearts of sneakerheads worldwide. Still, the latest update from Adidas has spelled out another disappointment for the ‘Donda’ rapper’s fans who were still reeling from news of the cancellation of his concert in Italy


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As expected, the news caused much dismay among Yeezy lovers. So, they took to the comments section of the post to relay their disappointment.

Twitterati rallied in support of Kanye West after Yeezy cancellation

When the CEO of Adidas complemented the 46-year-old last month, the development hinted at a reconciliation between the two parties. Now, as the brand has moved against restocking Yeezys, fans of the footwear were understandably enraged. Considering that even its most expensive models would sell out within days of their launch, the demand for the collection was undeniable. While some were perplexed by this news, others were simply shocked by the cancellation. 

Some wondered why the company had made the decision at this point in time. One user guessed that it was because Adidas’ management had heard some negative “snippets” about themselves from Ye’s upcoming album. 

In terms of the financial aspect, one felt that Adidas had made the wrong move. Another user felt that the company wanted to “limit” West’s success.


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Even with Adidas out of the picture, it is still possible that the rap mogul could launch the line independently. He is called a ‘king of comebacks’ after all. 


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How do you feel about Adidas’ decision to strike out Yeezys? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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