Following the Crazy Ye Remix, Metro Boomin Leaves Fans in a Daze With Recent Update

Published 04/25/2024, 1:31 AM EDT

When Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, premiered his remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Like That’, fans were skeptical about whether the remix had the green light from the original trio- Lamar, Future, and Metro Boomin. However, with the YouTube release featuring the original collaborators, that shadow of doubt slowly dissipated and to add another affirmation, Metro Boomin posted a picture with the Atlanta rapper on his socials by referencing the latter’s lyrics in his caption, which seemed like a clear nod from the artist. 

Yet, with each passing day, the rap battle has been confronting new updates and the latest one by Metro Boomin is nothing the world anticipated.

Metro Boomin makes an unexpected move days after Ye’s remix release


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The rap scene has seen a surge in activity, with numerous heavyweight artists releasing diss tracks and volleying responses. Although it all kicked off with Kendrick Lamar's 'Like That', tensions escalated when Ye entered the rap feud with his remix targeting Drake and J. Cole. Previously, there was a sense of contentment, as fans believed Ye had the support of the original collaborators, especially after Metro Boomin publicly endorsed him on social media. However, Metro Boomin's sudden deletion of the post now left fans in a forever daze.

Amidst this, updates about the ongoing rap battle have been flooding in. From the Atlanta rapper rejecting J. Cole's apology to Joe Budden strategizing for the latter’s comeback, the feud has undergone several twists and turns. Moreover, with Drake and Ye further fueling the conflict, it is evident that what began as a dispute has escalated into a full-blown war. However, Metro Boomin removing the post from his socials followed by Ye’s withdrawal of the remix from YouTube has many asking what changed.

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As for now, both their actions have only added to fans' confusion, leaving them desperate for answers.

Fans are perplexed over Metro Boomin’s deletion of the post with Ye

The hip-hop scene has been particularly on fire for some days and a lot of that has to do with the notable rappers of the industry including Ye, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. Although J. Cole remains bereft from these developments after withdrawing his track from streaming, the others have engaged in diss encounters without stepping back. However, with Metro Boomin’ removing his post with Ye, fans cannot help but wonder if there has been a crack in the bond.

Many fans have speculated whether Ye played a role in this action, raising questions about whether the rapper has aligned himself with a different faction. 


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Some others believed that it was probably Boomin, Future, and Lamar who made the shift in the alliance. Even though the reasons behind Metro Boomin's decision may not be significant, and may not signify a shift in alliances, the timing of the post’s removal alongside the withdrawal of the remix by Ye appeared suspicious to some. However, since neither party has addressed the issue, fans made their attempts to remain calm and withhold judgment until more information emerged.


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