Ye and Metro Boomin Pose for a Snap Amidst Drake Diss Track Drama

Published 04/22/2024, 2:37 AM EDT

When Kendrick Lamar dropped his diss verse for J. Cole in 'Like That,' fans could not have anticipated the ripple effect it would have across the rap scene. Hence, following J. Cole's quick response in '7 Minute Drill', which now stands deleted, many assumed Lamar had seized the crown—until Drake entered the fray with his barrage of disses against Lamar. Although the tracks were aimed to provoke a reaction from Lamar, to everyone's surprise, Ye stepped in with a fresh remix of Lamar's song with the original collaborators, Metro Boomin' and Future.

After the remix’s debut, speculation arose about whether the original trio had approved the collaboration but it seems Metro Boomin chose to dispel every doubt with a fresh snap with Ye.

Ye poses with Metro Boomin post releasing Kendrick Lamar’s song remix


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When Ye appeared on Justin LaBoy’s The Download, fans anticipated some intense revelations, but a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Like That’ was not exactly what they had in mind. Yet, he fearlessly took his shots, which was followed by an official YouTube release from his channel on Sunday. Initially, there was speculation among fans about whether the original trio—Lamar, Future, and Metro Boomin—had given the green light for the remix before its YouTube release, but the latter swiftly addressed these concerns by posting a photo alongside Ye.

On Saturday, the producer took to his socials to share a picture with the Atlanta rapper, accompanied by a caption aimed directly at Drake, indicating his full support for Ye's ‘Like That’ remix. Boomin’s caption, featured Ye sporting a Sean Jean tank and glasses, with the words, “Can’t stop won’t stop” referencing the verse from the lyrics. The shots fired further led the album ‘We Don’t Trust You’, from which ‘Like That’ originated, to soar to the top spot on the Billboard 200 charts while its YouTube release made Ye one of the most-searched entities to dominate X trends.

“RELEASE IT NOW!”- Fans Cannot Wait for Ye to Jump in the Kendrick Lamar-Drake Beef With a Remix Track

For fans, the picture put to rest their lingering doubts, while others marveled at the escalating intensity of the feud over time.

Fans hype Metro Boomin and Ye after their social media post

Amidst the ongoing rap feud, perhaps no one has been more thrilled by the successive retaliations than the hip-hop fan community. Throughout the genre’s history, rap feuds have consistently taken on serious dimensions. Hence, with Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s battle drawing in other heavyweight artists, there is a resounding sense that the golden age of hip-hop has returned. Consequently, despite the initial shock of the diss tracks, all fans could perceive was the resurgence of "2 GOATS".

Even though many fans believed that the decade's ultimate rap battle had just ignited with these two icons joining forces, there is always another perspective to consider and, as was expected, Drake's supporters were not ready to concede easily.


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They argued that if Lamar, Metro Boomin, and Future felt the need to assemble an army to diss Drake, it only underscored the latter’s status as a mega-star. Moreover, they even contended that no amount of reinforcements could rival Drake's talent, and the collaboration merely served to highlight this fact. Yet, with Ye dominating search engine queries and Lamar scaling the heights of the Billboard 200, those speculations might not be the last word. However, determining the true winner remains elusive, especially as further counter-diss tracks could emerge at any moment, altering the balance of power once again.


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