Days After Withdrawing Ye’s ‘Like That’ Remix, the Rapper Strikes Back With a New Cover

Published 04/27/2024, 3:30 AM EDT

Amidst the ever-growing hip-hop war between artists like Ye (formerly Kanye West), Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole, each passing day has been bringing in new updates of the feud. Recently, the world was left in a daze after Metro Boomin almost suddenly removed his post with the Atlanta rapper from his socials while fans were even more puzzled to find the remix of Lamar’s ‘Like That’ by Ye missing from YouTube.

Following the unforeseen developments, the ‘Donda’ rapper seems to have retreated to the arena with a fresh cover for his remix.

Ye’s fresh cover for Kendrick Lamar’s Like That remix


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When Ye premiered his remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Like That’ first on Justin LaBoy’s The Download podcast, many fans wondered if the mix had the original trio’s approval. Though the doubts were soon put to rest after Metro Boomin publicly endorsed Ye, the skepticism once again caved in when the former unexpectedly took down the post from his socials accompanied by the latter’s sudden removal of the remix. However, a recent update shows that the artist has returned with a new cover for the remix that echoes the vibe of ‘Vultures 1’.

The cover, posted by GoodAssSub on X, features the silhouette of a goat, which speaks volumes about the mix itself. For concerned fans wondering if the rapper switched allegiances or if Metro Boomin withdrew support, this update offers reassurance that likely nothing has shifted. Nevertheless, with these consecutive developments, fan speculation has surged regarding the present status of the infamous feud and the equations the artists now share.

Following the Crazy Ye Remix, Metro Boomin Leaves Fans in a Daze With Recent Update

Naturally, fans were also quick to press in their demands for the remix’s availability on streaming.

Fans urge Ye to drop the Like That remix on streaming

Since the Atlanta rapper stepped into the rap battle of the year to fuel a full-blown war, fans have been constantly on their toes regarding the nitpick updates about the feud. However, a few days ago, when uncertainty hung heavier in the air than usual, enthusiasts began speculating the reasons behind it. Yet, with the recent cover update, fan excitement has surged once again, with many urging the rapper to release the mix on streaming platforms.

Some fans noticed the mix reappeared on YouTube, while others were not as keen on the idea of its drop on streaming. 


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This latter group, a minority, was majorly of the opinion that the rapper has better music in store than this remix. However, for those ecstatic about the latest cover art, it was hard to ignore the mix, especially given its clear resemblance to his 'Vultures 1' cover. Therefore, while some users may have reservations about the mix, it is fair to say, that the majority sees it as the GOAT's triumphant return, tipping the scales in favor of anticipation and excitement.


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