Will Smith Initiates Celebrations, Guiding 'Bad Boys' to a Whopping $1 Billion All-Time Collection

Published 06/14/2024, 9:45 PM EDT

Oscar winner Will Smith starrer Bad Boys: Ride or Die has pushed beyond franchise boundaries, having outdone its own milestones in the past. While the initial success was reflected in the whooping tomato meter and a significant 97% audience ratings, the box office records have now officially declared the action-packed franchise as a global hit. Beaming with pride the centerpiece of the movie, Will Smith’s glory knew no boundaries as he called for a celebration of Bad Boys’ coveted feat. 

Riding on the Bad Boys Ride or Die, the entire franchise has taken over Hollywood as a major fan-favorite action series. 

Will Smith reacts to Bad Boys breaching the one billion mark


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Entering the one billion club even faster than 2023 hit flick Barbie, the 55-year-old acting veteran took his Instagram handle, a few minutes ago, celebrating the milestone. “Wow! Thank you all,” wrote Will Smith as the caption, adding how the Bad Boys franchise's total box office just clicked over one billion today. A subsequent story was also uploaded to his handle, with a similar reaction celebrating the comeback of the century


To be precise, according to Deadline, the fourth film has currently earned an estimated $79.24 million worldwide, contributing to a global total of $125.6 million for the movie, solidifying the franchise's success. The Bad Boys franchise, meanwhile, has reached a significant milestone, surpassing $1 billion in total box office sales with the latest installment, Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Fresh off ‘Bad Boys’ Success, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Already Eyeing a Return

With the latest flick soaring to such heights, filmmakers might think of taking the movie series to the next step forward.

Can there be a Bad Boys 5?


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By far it is clear that the internet's enthusiasm for Bad Boys: Ride or Die was just the tip of the iceberg; the box office numbers are the real proof that this franchise is on fire. With the series now crossing the coveted $1 billion mark, it is vivid that audiences can't get enough of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's buddy cop antics, thereby laying the prospects of a Bad Boys 5 anytime in the future.

If not a whole new movie, fans on the internet are even ready to settle for a spin-off if made possible. With this milestone under their belts, the franchise's talent is likely to be clamoring for more. However, nothing has been confirmed as of now. Will we see Bad Boys 5: Electric Boogaloo? Or maybe a spinoff series featuring the further adventures of Marcus and Mike? It is all up to the filmmakers now. 


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