Who Is Shantel VanSanten? The Meghan Markle Look Alike That Fans Can’t Stop Talking About

Published 11/27/2023, 4:15 AM EST

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One thing that all fans of Meghan Markle can agree on is that there is plenty of drama in her life. Ever since she captivated the world’s attention with her acting in Suits and then through her royal saga with Prince Harry and his family, it is almost as if no occurrence in her life goes unnoticed. To make matters even more theatrical, now the 42-year-old is back in the headlines due to Shantel VanSanten who has been deemed a doppelgänger of the duchess.

Recently, the online ecosphere of Twitter has erupted with chatter about how VanSanten is a spitting image of the Duchess of Sussex. Well, like Markle, VanSanten is an actress. Lately, she has appeared in the public eye due to her budding career in Hollywood. Her latest appearances on the silver screen showcased her as Special Agent Nina Chase on CBS’s FBI. Another notable role of hers is that of Karen Baldwin on the Apple TV series: For All Mankind.


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In the past, the 38-year-old actress from Minnesota has also featured in other acclaimed flicks like The Flash and The Final Destination. Moreover, she has also played some side roles in series like The Boys and One Tree Hill. Apparently, she began her career as a model and has appeared in renowned publications like Teen Vogue and Seventeen. So, she may just be the next big thing like the royal that the internet is convinced she looks like. 


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On X (previously Twitter) many users have shared their beliefs about the same. It seems like their resemblance caused many to do a double-take. 

Twitterati is convinced Shantel Vansanten resembles Meghan Markle

One has to be rather lucky to share similarities in appearances with an A-list celebrity. Especially if that person hopes to make it big in Hollywood! Earlier this year, somebody who was claiming to be another doppelgänger of Markle was hoping to star in Netflix’s The Crown as the mother of two. With the recent buzz around the For All Mankind actress, netizens were clamoring to point out her uncanny resemblance with the Suits star.

A user went as far as to say that they look like “sisters“. Another pointed out that it was only her light “hair” that distinguished her from the duchess. 

Meanwhile, one user felt that the FBI actress was a combination of Markle and “Julia Roberts“. Another user even felt that her “mannerisms” matched the 42-year-old’s.


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Evidently, the internet has made up its mind on the matter. Who knows, maybe the 38-year-old could even be approached to replace Markle if Suits is revived as rumors suggest. It seems like her fans surely would not mind the prospect of this. 


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Do you agree that Vansanten is a look-alike of Markle? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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