3 Actors Who Are Perfect to Play Norrin Radd in 'The Fantastic Four', Following the Julia Garner Outrage

Published 04/18/2024, 4:29 AM EDT

The MCU is not without its cast controversy and intra-Hollywood disputes. Actors come and go but only a handful of them leave a mark. Be it fans rallying behind Henry Cavill to take the helm as Captain Britain, the MCU cast will always have a preferred favorite over the present hero. Hence, it did not come out of the blue when Marvel's casting of Julia Garner for Silver Surfer in The Fantastic Four became a major topic of debate.

While the Ozark actress is to play Shalla Bal, a version of Silver Surfer, the decision has been met with discouragement by LaKeith Stanfield. The flick will have Norrin Radd too in it, making room for two Silver Surfers. But, who would be a good fit to play Radd? Here is a list.  

LaKeith Stanfield


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With the news of Julia Garner playing Shalla Bal in the upcoming flick, there came news about Norrin Radd being in it. With that, the Californian talent, LaKeith Stanfield, becomes a clear choice to play the same as he has been in talks to play the Silver Surfer since time immemorial, which majorly led him to critique Garner's casting. Not just the actor himself, but a huge chunk of the Marvel fandom believes Stanfield could have been the best fit for the comic character.

More than the fan support, the star has versatility as his Trump card to play the most complex characters over a dynamic range of movies in Hollywood. Adding to it is his physicality. Given his lean and athletic build, his ability to deliver physical scenes fits just right as per Surfer’s physique. Moreover, having portrayed various characters with depth and nuance, it is safe to say, that Stanfield could have been the best choice for the star.

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Keeping aside the fan sentiment, the emotional aspect of the character arc has another actor up for bid. It is none other than DCU's latest favorite, the juvenile Batman, Robert Pattinson. 

Robert Pattinson

While some find it difficult to imagine Robert Pattinson as Silver Surfer given his physical appearance, there are a lot of plus points that speak in his defense. When it comes to showcasing emotional intensity, there is hardly anyone else in Hollywood who brings the effusiveness any better than Pattinson. While his proven track record speaks for itself, Norrin Radd’s dramatic backstory and philosophical nature scream Pattinson as the perfect fit. 

Moreover, the fan following that the Twilight spotlight has easily outshines any fresh appearance for the role. The box office draws that his popularity among the youth fandom could single-handedly bring to the franchise would help Marvel make up for its lost fan-following over the ages. 

Following Pattinson, if there is anyone fit to play Radd in the upcoming Marvel gig, it is none other than Paul Bettany.

Paul Bettany


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Although popularity puts him after the first two, the biggest reason why Paul Bettany should be deemed the best choice is the level of experience he has with Marvel as compared to others. Having already voiced JARVIS in a slew of Marvel movies, followed by his iconic run as Vision, it makes him familiar with the MCU brand and, more importantly, its storytelling.

Given his age, he is probably the oldest face in the entire list, thus giving no space for debates. Additionally, with Bettany, bringing in a sense of maturity for a character like Radd who has gone through various transformations in his life span, would be just a cup of tea. Moreover, he seems to be accustomed to physical changes, be it losing weight for A Beautiful Mind or gaining the same for Vision, he has a knack for it all.


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