“Thought she was high” - Chace Crawford Voices Sheer Shock for Oscar-Winner Tilda Swinton Playing His Octopus Lover

Published 07/08/2024, 10:34 PM EDT

Amazon Prime's breakout hit, The Boys, has been serving up a gritty, no-holds-barred brand of superhero satire that has left fans hungry for more. But behind the scenes, the show's power players have been wheeling and dealing, with the show makers and their ruthless ways to trick superheroes into situations that would put the mightiest of them to shame. And now, we have got the scoop on one of the major highlights of the whole franchise.

A thrilling confession that changed the game for one not-so-key character, having left fans reeling. 

What did The Boys’ Deep say about his lady love?


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In an interview with Josh Horowitz on his Happy, Sad, Confused podcast-turned-interview, Chace Crawford who plays Deep, had a surprising reaction to learning Tilda Swinton would be his love interest, playing an octopus. "Thought she was high on something," he joked, recalling the moment he was told about the unconventional casting choice. Crawford was taken aback by the unexpected pairing, but was eager to see how it would play out on screen.

Chace Crawford revealed that the search was on for the most British Oscar winner to play the role of the octopus, with Swinton ultimately landing the part. He admitted that he had no idea how it would be to act opposite an animal, especially one that was not even human. Despite his initial reservations, the 38-year-old embraced the challenge and delivered a memorable performance alongside Swinton's cephalopod counterpart.

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Not just the actress, but the star was also uninformed about a major intimate scene that kept him committed to his role. 

What was the scene that scame as a total surprise to Chace Crawford?

The Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, in Amazon Prime's The Boys, revealed more of the showrunner’s trick on him. He revealed to Rolling Stone that he was unaware of a particularly demanding scene when he took on the role in 2019. Upon reading the script for season three, episode six, he thought, "Oh God, how's this going to work?


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Crawford admitted to being in denial about the scene until the day before filming when he almost had a panic attack. He expressed that if he had known about the scene earlier, he might have reconsidered taking on the role. Despite his initial reservations, Crawford has received praise for his performance as The Deep, a superhero with aquatic powers.


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