Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s Upcoming Flick’s Clashing Release With Timothée Chalamet’s ‘Wonka’ Divides Netizens

Published 10/13/2023, 2:50 PM EDT

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Based on two classic pieces of literature, Sydney Sweeney and Timothée Chalamet’s forthcoming films are among the most awaited of 2023. While the former’s Anyone But You is slated to be a whirlwind rom-com based on a Shakespearean comedy, Wonka follows the Roald Dahl-written story. Besides both of them being written by two iconic literary giants, they have another thing in common. That is their release date of 15th December this year.

As expected, this detail is bound to complicate the schedules of cinema fanatics, who were looking forward to both movies equally. For some, it seems to have posed as another Barbie vs Oppenheimer-like challenge. Especially since both the Euphoria actress and Chalamet are some of Gen-Z’s biggest sensations. So, when a post acknowledging this conundrum surfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter) it was bound to cause a storm of opinions. 


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Earlier at the CinemaCon 2023, Powell and Sweeney were all praises for the aesthetic quality of their R-rated film. Meanwhile, Wonka’s star-studded cast also includes Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Coleman, and Hugh Grant besides the Dune actor. Not to forget the whimsical charm of the enigma that is Willy Wonka, who was earlier played by Johnny Depp. So, both films have their unique features that are bound to lull a horde of viewers to the cinemas.

While some netizens were thrilled at the prospect of catching both movies, some favored one over the other. This ensued a war between the two fan bases in the comments section. 

Fans rush to pick between Sydney Sweeney and Chalamet’s flicks

One of the biggest blockbusters in the realm of the 90s was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in which Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka’s character. Now, the upcoming Wonka will serve as a prequel to the children’s tale as it delves into the formative years of the chocolatier. Hence, it was a given that the majority of fans would rally behind it in the competition. But some stood firm behind Anyone But You whose recently dropped trailer had fans swooning over Sweeney and Powell’s chemistry

One user who was initially conflicted ultimately chose Sweeney’s flick. Another felt that Wonka had made “a mistake” by choosing the same release date.

Some were simply reveling in the positive and humorous aspects of the clash. Eventually, one user even chose a mashup of the two titled “Anyone But Wonka“.


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Coming December, which movie reigns supreme, only time will tell. Till then the Barbenheimer-like hype between the two flicks is bound to continue.


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