7-Time Mr. Olympia Champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins Another Award for This Humanitarian Contribution

Published 11/07/2023, 9:49 AM EST

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As much as he is known for his body-building and acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger has an equally passionate philanthropic side to him too. At 76 years old, he not only spearheads a commendable fitness movement but also stands as one of the rare Hollywood luminaries who harness their star power to educate and enlighten the public. His influence extends beyond borders as he passionately advocates for climate action, taking on the role of a global eco-warrior too. Well, he is as much a real-life hero as he is on screen.

Now, the Austrian Oak has been honored with another tribute for his ongoing philanthropy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wins a trophy for his ‘heart’


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Lately, Schwarzenegger has dedicated substantial discourse to the concerning rise of anti-Semitism. Furthermore, he has underscored his commitment to his advocacy against hate during various speeches. Today, the Austrian Oak received an Award of Courage from the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. In his speech, the 7-Time Mr Olympia Champion appreciated the “trophy” that was for his “heart” unlike the ones he received for his “muscles”.

Earlier this year, The Terminator actor also shared a stirring video in which he spoke about the heart-breaking effects of hate-filled dialogue and actions. Well, that video went viral and became one of the reasons behind him winning this award. During his acceptance speech, he reiterated the same points. He requested people to confront the “negativity and hatred that anti-Semitism spreads online and in life.


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Not only the organization that gave him this award but also his co-workers have appreciated his efforts towards this cause in the past. 

When Gal Gadot thanked the 76-year-old


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While growing up in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father was a Nazi soldier. Despite that, he went on to become a strong opponent of inequality. Last year, the Kindergarten Cop actor embarked on a poignant journey to Auschwitz. While there, he fervently conveyed a message of anti-hatred and had various meaningful encounters with Holocaust survivors. These actions resonated deeply with Gal Gadot, who shares a personal connection to this tragic chapter in history. 

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Well, the Heart of Stone actress’s grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. Moreover, he endured the harrowing loss of his entire family during those dark times. As a result, Schwarzenegger’s heartfelt initiatives profoundly impressed her. She relayed her appreciation towards him for this by “thanking him” for taking that trip. Evidently, Schwarzenegger’s as-large-as-his-muscles heart has won over not only Hollywood but the rest of the world too. 


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