Ryan Reynolds Pens a Heartwarming Message in His Signature Style, as He Celebrates Order of British Columbia in Canada

Published 11/16/2023, 8:48 AM EST

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From embarking on global charity work to sowing the seeds of employment through his many ventures, Ryan Reynolds has positively touched many communities. A few months ago, his philanthropic efforts came under the watchful eye of his homeland: Canada. As the country’s British Columbia district finalized the list of people who would receive its highest honor, the Deadpool actor was among them. Like his enormous fanbase, his province proved to be a fan of his work. Especially all that he did for the people of Canada and his cherished home state.

Now, having received the award, he took to social media to relay his feelings about it all. 

Ryan Reynolds throws in some jokes in his touching tribute


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Yesterday, Reynolds arrived in Vancouver to receive his Order of British Columbia honor in person. Later, he shared some images from the event on his Instagram page with a caption dedicated to his government and people. He was glad to have the “dumb” luck to be born where he was. Furthermore, he threw in some personalized jabs towards a restaurant, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the local Slip N’ Slide!


Since the position is one reserved for the most esteemed civilians of British Columbia, the 47-year-old was moved to have been the one to be chosen for it. Amidst it all, he let out another quip that he initially thought the award was “a political appointment” which it turned out not to be. Then, he went on to thank his family, peers, and country for their contributions in getting him there. 

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Ultimately, the Free Guy star only had himself to thank, considering all the work he has put in to reach this milestone.

Why was the Deadpool actor included in the Order?


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In the arena of healthcare initiatives alone, Ryan Reyolds has spearheaded fundraising endeavors for cancer patients, campaigned for providing clean water to indigenous tribes, and supported Partners in Health, to name a few. Besides all this, he is on the board of an organization that helps Parkinson’s patients. Additionally, he assisted in aiding refugees from Ukraine earlier this year. And the list just goes on.

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Other than lending a hand to non-profit organizations, he also set up his own in 2020 with Blake Lively. Together they launched the Group Effort Initiative that assists LGBTQ+ individuals who are often overlooked by Hollywood. In 2022, he added another feather to his cap by pioneering The Creative Ladder to encourage creativity in the youth. Well, the 47-year-old certainly deserved the honor, having benefited so many individuals.


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