No Better Wrap Than a ‘Friends’ Throwback With Monica Gellar Dishing Out Some Important Tips for Black Friday

Published 11/25/2023, 12:54 AM EST

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For some, Friends may just be a sitcom. But for millions around the world, it served as a laughter-filled guide to camaraderie. The NBC series has taught many how to navigate the labyrinth of adulthood through its heartwarming tales of the Central Perk gang. While some episodes served as a reminder to embrace one’s friendships and quirks, others were like a crash course in the more serious aspects of life. Not to forget all the things viewers learned through Monica Geller’s borderline-obsessive traits

One among her many pearls of wisdom would have come in handy, today of all days the most.

The ultimate Black Friday advice as seen on Friends 


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In the seventh season, Monica finally made it to her long-coveted milestone of getting married. During the seventeenth episode titled The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress, the chef was on the hunt for a cheaper version of the dress of her dreams. Well, she dragged Phoebe and Rachel with her to a Black Friday sale to achieve this. Then, she briefed the two on the meticulous plan she had laid out to bag the on-sale item.

Firstly, the ladies would locate the dress in the size she needed. After that, they were to blow a whistle to mark their find. What would follow would be the quintessential tug-of-war they would have to fight out with others who wanted the same Black Friday pick as them. Besides the fact that their plan was foiled by another woman, it can be said that her plan was airtight


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After giving Black Friday sales tips years ago, Courteney Cox is holding her own Black Friday sale. 

Courteney Cox’s home care brand announces a sale

First launched in 2022, Cox’s HomeCourt brought her Friends character’s favorite pastime to life: cleaning. The surreal twist in her career brought with it the challenges of setting up a new business, which she climbed over to build a business that has soared in its first year. The 59-year-old is now spreading the cheer of its success with a Black Friday sale on its products. 


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Among the range of cleaning products that HomeCourt offers its customers, all are free of toxic chemicals. As an added treat, they also come accompanied by uniquely luxurious fragrances that one may not expect from such products. The ongoing Black Friday sale only makes the prospect of indulging in one of her creations all the more alluring! Maybe with Monica’s tips, you can make the most out of HomeCourt’s Black Friday sale!


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Do you have a Black Friday game plan like Monica’s from Friends? Share your answers in the comments.



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