Meghan Markle Overloads Cuteness as She Brings Adorable Positivity to Fans’ Feeds

Published 04/05/2024, 11:54 PM EDT

Beyond the talk of royal quarters and the role she plays in the current set-up with two royal factions spread across the Atlantic, Meghan Markle remains one who leaves no moment unchecked to showcase her humanitarian and lovable side. The former Suits star has for long advocated various causes that demand public awareness and action, but in the meantime, always made time out to make any visit of hers special with a unique touch of humility.

Throwing open one such side of hers, a public figure by the name of John Martinez took to X (formerly Twitter) to share snaps of the Duchess spending quality time with his Corgi named Micky Martinez. Although not immediately clear when the interaction took place, her actions of stooping down to stroke the pup as well as pose alongside him while holding a welcome flower bouquet sat resoundingly well with fans who could hardly take their eyes off the adorability.


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On her own, Meghan Markle remains a vocal supporter and flag-bearer of animal rescue and has worked with several animal welfare organizations. Additionally, she and Prince Harry own three rescue dogs, proving her genuine love for the same. A black Labrador named Pula, and two beagles named Guy and Mia adorn their family ever since becoming a part of it, years down the line, starting from the days of their wedding.

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The photos highlighted the delightful energy that radiated throughout and had fans in their grip of positivity.

Fans cannot help but stop labeling Meghan Markle’s latest interaction as cute and precious

Soon after the post went live, it amassed over a hundred re-posts and hundreds of likes within just a couple of hours. The positivity filled with the man’s best friend sharing the frame with Meghan Markle evoked joyous reactions, as many recognized the Duchess of Sussex as one with a natural charm and an inner good heart. Incidentally, with the royal couple’s dogs featuring in major outings such as their Netflix documentary, fans stood reminded of the affectionate warmth and love for animals the 42-year-old possessed.

Many adored the look of happiness in the eyes of the Corgi and the exuberance of love coming from the Duchess.

An out-pour of cute and adorable mentions filled throughout as fans could hardly take their eyes from the snap that featured purity.

Finally, many thanked Martinez for sharing the post and filling their feed with sheer positivity and adorableness.


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Taking to her other major public appearances, Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry recently attended the Kinsey African American Art & History Collection exhibit during its Los Angeles tour. The duo also addressed a panel and discussed their outing. Furthermore, the Rachel Zane actress knitted herself busy weaving the threads of her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, which will soon take to selling goods like tableware, cookbooks, jellies, and vegan jams while also expanding to skincare and beauty.


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