“I’m not much of a..” – When 50 Million Worth Henry Cavill Revealed His Aversion to Living in the Heart of Hollywood for a Surprising Reason

Published 11/17/2023, 7:02 AM EST

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Henry Cavill is not just a Hollywood sensation. He is the guy who has got Tinseltown wrapped around his finger with his magnetic mojo. From donning the iconic Superman cape for DC to slaying monsters as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, the 40-year-old’s versatility is legendary. Despite being included in Hollywood’s pantheon of iconic actors and boasting a net worth of $50 Million, he has never truly submerged himself in the life typically associated with an A-list celebrity. Moreover, he does not enjoy living in the town of stars, Los Angeles either. 

Well, the Man of Steel actor has a genuine reason for not doing so. 

Why does Henry Cavill avoid Los Angeles?


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To live in Los Angeles as a member of the Hollywood community is not just fitting, but also convenient for most actors. However, in an interview with Vanity Fair from 2013, Cavill revealed that he preferred living in Burbank while in California. He confessed to not being “much of a schmoozer” who likes charming his way into events. So, he chose to live twelve miles out in Burbank instead.

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Even for the interview, the Black Adam actor walked thirty whole miles to a restaurant. Evidently, Cavill preferred keeping to himself if he was willing to travel the distance instead of living in LA. Today, he lives in London with his pets and girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso. To this day, he rarely frequents Hollywood events. Instead, he prefers to stay in and play video games. 

Not only does Cavill enjoy playing his fantasy games, but has an entire section of his home dedicated to it. 

The Witcher actor’s gaming set-up


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Instead of mingling with Tinseltown’s big-wigs while living in a Hollywood mansion, Henry Cavill lives in a relatively small mews house in London. As an avid gamer, he has dedicated a section of his home that he insists is not huge to his gaming. Apparently, his PC is placed on a desk in his living room. Earlier, he has also demonstrated how he built his own Superman PC for his gaming needs.

The 40-year-old frequently speaks about his love for specifically PC games over consoles. As such, his favorite games include World of WarCraft, Overwatch, and Total War. Well, this very love for gaming later became the reason for him to bag his parts in The Witcher and Warhammer 40000, both of which have equally popular gaming counterparts. In a way, his obsession with gaming served him better than being a ‘schmoozer’.


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