Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson Get Dragged Into Another Debate Over James Gunn Destroying DC

Published 09/07/2023, 2:14 PM EDT

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Through Man of Steel, Henry Cavill became a symbol of hope not only for the fictional world of Metropolis, but also for a multitude of DC fans. To take on the role of the world’s oldest and most cherished superhero is no small feat. Yet, with Zack Snyder’s direction, the British actor achieved and excelled at it with ease. When he reappeared as Superman in Black Adam almost a decade after Man of Steel, his fans were hopeful for a sequel of his debut DC flick.

Many begged that Cavill’s stellar portrayal of his breakthrough role be rewarded with him being recast in Superman: Legacy. But their pleas fell on the dead ears of DC’s new co-CEO, James Gunn. By replacing The Witcher actor with David Corenswet, Gunn brought on the wrath of many displeased fans. And the saga continues as another tweet surfaced on X re-iterating the impact of his unforgivable decision.


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Although the Guardians of the Galaxy director has attempted to refute any bias towards Cavill, netizens are clearly still riled up. In his hands, they questioned the dwindling future of the beloved DC universe. According to the user who made these observations, the upcoming Superman flick with Corenswet is bound for failure.

Although harsh, many agreed with these opinions. But there were others who opposed some miscalculations in the post and stood by Gunn. As intended, the post saw a heated discussion emerge in the comments section. 

Henry Cavill fans voice their disappointment in James Gunn

Under Zack Snyder, DC saw unparalleled success. But for some, his successor’s works seemed to have failed at impressing fans. Earlier, Dwayne Johnson revealed his feelings about his Black Adam co-star’s DC departure by hinting at this change of leadership. Apparently, many users who came across the X post hold the same opinions as The Rock. Yet, some stood strong in support of the studio’s decision.

One user agreed with the post that Superman: Legacy will “flop.” Another disagreed by saying that people want to “see Superman” and not specifically Henry Cavill.

Among of sea of disapproving fans, some chose to point out a discrepancy in the post’s assumptions. According to them, Black Adam was not a “box office hit.”


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Whether Superman: Legacy will be as underwhelming as Cavill’s fans predict, only time will tell. Until then, the online tussles are bound to go on.


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What are your thoughts on this DC debate? Do you agree with the X user’s post? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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