‘Friends’ Actress Revealed How Ross’ Relationship With Mona Was Not Originally a Part of the Script

Published 12/04/2023, 1:32 AM EST

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The lovable dorky character of Ross Geller, who was a pivotal figure in the Friends ensemble, embarked on various whirlwind romantic escapades throughout the beloved 90s series. In particular, his perpetual dance of love and heartache with Rachel Green served as a frustrating, yet captivating fan favorite throughout its run of ten seasons. Well, the goofy paleontologist’s many love interests beside Rachel also became a major anchor in Friends’ narrative

One of his love interests was Mona. And the actress who played her once revealed how her character’s arc came to be. The origin story of this particular entanglement of Ross Geller’s may surprise fans. 

When Mona unexpectedly resurfaced


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In an interview with Digital Spy in 2019, Bonnie Somerville who was enrolled to play a short stint as Mona in season 8’s The One After I Do episode, shed light on her character’s storyline. Apparently, her “small role” was only supposed to feature a quick run-in with Ross, unlike what it became. However, after meeting Ross at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, the directors chose to bring in Mona again during a later episode in the season. 

According to Somerville, David Schwimmer’s affability towards her led to budding chemistry between Mona and Ross that the showrunners took notice of. So, in the fifth episode, Mona was re-introduced and later went on to forge a romance with Rachel’s ex! It was going so well that Somerville even felt she may end up becoming a “seventh friend” in the Central Perk gang. Unfortunately for her, that did not happen. 


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As usual, Ross returned to Rachel’s arms. And the directors had a good reason for this constant to be so too. 

How Jennifer Aniston became the redeeming factor for Rachel’s case


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Whether it was his failed attempt with Mona or the colossal mess-up during the nuptials with Emily, Rachel always became the reason for Ross to give up on his relationships with side characters. As it turns out, the showmakers did not really intend it to be so always. Still, one aspect of how Jennifer Aniston played Rachel would lead them to bring their love story back into the fold. That was the 54-year-old’s impeccable comedic timing!

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Previously, Friends’ director, James Burrow shed light on this factor by confessing how other characters like Emily could never live up to Rachel. According to him, no other girlfriends of Ross were able to pull off being as “funny” as Rachel! This also became the reason behind Helen Baxendale, who played Emily’s exit from the sitcom. Well, the majority of fans would agree with this verdict as Rachel and Ross continue to be the epitome of undying love, irrespective of how many Monas came into Ross’ life.


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Do you think that Mona could have been a more permanent lover for Ross? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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