Former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Re-Enter the Political Arena With This Maneuver

Published 10/24/2023, 4:43 PM EDT

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In his journey from bodybuilder to politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger transformed from action films to real-life action. In 2003, this remarkable shift in his career got him elected as the Governor of California in a recall election. During his tenure, the Austrian Oak tackled significant issues from environmental policies to education reform. He certainly left a lasting impact on his state’s governance through his efforts. Additionally, he proved that individuals from any background can make meaningful contributions to public service.

More than a decade ago, Sacramento saw Schwarzenegger’s departure as his political career came to an end. However, now, it seems like the demand for him to helm another aspect of the government has arisen after all these years.

Which post was Schwarzenegger recommended for?


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In the latest episode of The New Abnormal podcast with Danielle Moodie & Andy Levy, the impending decision over the Speaker of the House post was brought up. While on the topic of the Republican party’s attempts to find the correct person for the job, Levy suggested Schwarzenegger’s name. According to him, the 76-year-old would make for the “right pick because of the experience he gained from Kindergarten Cop.

Well, even Schwarzenegger’s co-stars have lauded him as quite the ‘politician’ in the past. However, in this case, Levy argued that since the job of the Speaker is much like that of leading a bunch of “kindergarten kids in line”, the Kindergarten Cop actor would be perfect for the job. While the hosts may have simply been joking, it is undeniable that The Terminator actor has the right portfolio for the role. 

However, to secure this US House of Representatives seat, he may have to go head-to-head with an old foe. 

Is Donald Trump vs Arnold Schwarzenegger still possible?


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Besides Schwarzenegger’s, another name that was apparently suggested for the post was that of Donald Trump. Although both men represent the Republican party, Schwarzenegger prefers not to be grouped in the same league as the former president. During a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion explained that he leans more towards the “center” unlike Trump. 

Furthermore, as someone who has always taken pride in being a true American citizen, he also refrains from looking down upon the democratic system by considering Democrats an “enemy” of his party. So, is it possible that the former governor could be the perfect candidate to pacify both sides as a Speaker? Whether plausible or not, Schwarzenegger’s millions of fans continue to root for him.


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Do you agree with Andy Levy on Schwarzenegger’s skills matching the open role? Or do you reckon the Austrian Oak should fully retire from politics now? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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