Dua Lipa, ‘Argylle’, and a Bizarre “Circus” Chant: Chelsea vs Fulham Turns Into a Mayhem at Stamford Bridge

Published 01/13/2024, 8:50 AM EST

The marketing team of Argylle just tried to pull a publicity stunt at an ongoing soccer game at Stamford Bridge, which has epically backfired. It is being reported that a group of men dressed up as Henry Cavill’s avatar from the upcoming espionage mystery thriller keep standing up in the front-row seats at the stadium to hold up posters of the movie and for some reason, even brushing their teeth at one point! 


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Fans are understandably enraged by the disruption and are chanting “circus” in unison! The whole debacle would be considered even more embarrassing if reports of Dua Lipa being present at the stadium ended up being true! The Chelsea vs. Fulham match is now in its second half, while the perplexing maneuver is being debated as a controversial advertisement move on social media platforms.

Just a few days ago, the film and Chelsea FC were both criticized for trying to pull something similar!

Argylle x Chelsea FC: The unexplained crossover

Before the Argylle crew and Chelsea FC hatched this peculiar plan, they did a little test run of this collaboration earlier this week. Two days ago, the historic club’s X (previously Twitter) page shared an image of its star center-mid Enzo Fernández sporting the trademark Argylle backpack.

It is unclear why the flick is choosing this club in particular to sponsor their promotions. However, it is commonly known that its lead actress, Dua Lipa is a huge soccer fanatic and Liverpool FC supporter. Since she has no affiliation with Chelsea FC, these unexpected antics are simply confusing the club’s fans. 


5 Things to Expect From Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa’s Much-Awaited ‘Argylle’

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The accessory was obviously part of the promotional streak that its headlining cast is currently on. 

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa are promoting the spy flick in full swing

To highlight the flick’s upcoming release on 2nd February, Cavill and Lipa are making no reserve in efforts. The ‘One Kiss’ singer even brought it up at the 81st Golden Globe Award ceremony last week during a conversation about her contribution to Barbie. Meanwhile, The Witcher actor announced a trans-Pacific trip to promote the film! 


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Apparently, the cast of the Matthew Vaughn-directed film is heading to Seol next for its promotions. Unlike today’s disastrous attempt, Asian fans are probably looking forward to this. Maybe Argylle’s team needs to keep focusing on choosing the right forum for promotion from now on. 


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