“Always reppin my…” – Just One Day After Her ‘Bai-Challenge’ Sydney Sweeney Flaunts Her Signature Merch in a Cute Picture

Published 07/23/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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Never far from her social media, Sydney Sweeney is often seen slaying online. Blessing fans with glimpses of her day through her frequent posts, this ‘It girl’ has become one of those celebs that nobody can get enough of. The Euphoria star has made major headway in the past year, clutching deals from some major luxury brands. One such collaboration, which Sweeney often flaunts online, was recently seen in her Instagram story.

Growing up in Spokane, Washington, the Reality star learned to drive in her great-grandfather’s pickup truck, which she loved. Owing to this love, she started a TikTok page in 2021, where she documented herself restoring a vintage car. Two years later, her mechanical skills would land her a deal with one of America’s biggest car manufacturing giants.

Sweeney’s adorable Instagram story


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When Ford approached Sweeney to collaborate on an apparel line, the 25-year-old was obviously thrilled. Partnering with Dickies on the project, the actress launched the merchandise in elegant neutrals and pastels. It even includes a personal favorite of hers, an accessory for her dog. Donning the baseball cap from the same collection, Sydney recently shared an adorable moment in her Instagram story. The text on the story read, “Always reppin my ford fam,” referring to the partnership with her favorite car company.



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Also launched along with the corduroy cap seen in the story, the line of apparel included some stunning mechanic must-haves. From bib overalls, and work pants to accessories like bandanas, Ford x Sydney Sweeney covers everything you need to get down and dirty in. Quite an all-rounder, Sweeney is clearly an active person who loves to stay on the move.


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Is there anything this girl from Spokane can not do? Her recent Instagram post even shows her pulling off an impressive stunt while promoting a hydration drink.

The stunt from her BAIdration challenge shows Sydney Sweeney can do it all

Treading some gnarly waves while popping open a drink, The White Lotus star recently wowed people with her water-skiing skills on Instagram. The recently posted video opened with her goofing around in the water and getting ready to slay a challenge with Bai drinks. The challenge encouraged people to stay hydrated through Bai drinks, and who better to do it than a trained MMA fighter?


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Sweeney accomplished the challenge in the video, all while looking fabulous. The hydration drink boasts of being antioxidant-infused with only one gram of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Maybe this healthy refreshment is how the Euphoria star manages to slay all day every day. 


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Whatever may be her secret, this 25-year-old is slowly becoming an unstoppable force. After this deal with Ford, which brand do you want to see her partnering with next? Tell us in the comments.



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