After 18 months of Rigid Silence, Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Reveals Her Reaction to the Infamous Will Smith Oscar Slapgate

Published 10/11/2023, 9:33 AM EDT

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With one of the most jaw-dropping Oscar moments of all time, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith stole the spotlight of the 2022 Academy Awards night. Most people simply could not fathom how unexpected Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was. The act of aggression garnered widespread criticism for the actor and overshadowed his King Richard Oscar win. However, some supported him by arguing that he was merely defending his wife against a hurtful jest from the comedian. Regardless of the opinions pouring in on the subject, Jada Pinkett Smith did not indulge.

She famously chose to keep her thoughts to herself until now.

Jada Pinkett Smith finally reveals her reaction to the slapgate incident


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In a recent interview with People, the Smith family matriarch broke her long-held silence on the gloomy subject. According to her, the whole affair initially felt like a pre-planned “skit between her husband and Rock. It was unimaginable for her that the father of three would ever “hit” the 58-year-old. After it had all occurred, she checked in with the Independence Day actor to see if he was “okay” when they were alone. 

The Red Table Talk show host also mentioned that she has expanded on the whole fiasco and its aftermath in her memoir, which also covers various other personal themes from her life. Titled Worthy, her book is set to launch on 17th October. If this revelation was a marketing strategy to push its sales, it has certainly done the trick of catching many fans’ interest. And she is not the only one to document her perspective on it.


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Eventually, Chris Rock, who maintained his composure on the fateful night, let it all out spectacularly through a comedy special this year.

Chis Rock’s Netflix stand-up special that focused on Will Smith


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Irrespective of with whom one’s sympathies lie, it is undeniable that Will Smith’s reputation has suffered the most. The long road to rebuilding his career and mending his reputation was made longer by Netflix’s Selective Outrage in which the Grown Ups actor picked apart various aspects of the 55-year-old’s life. Since its release in March, the comedy special’s popularity has only soared higher by the day.

With Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir on the horizon, bystanders are expecting her to acknowledge Rock’s reaction to it all too. Especially since it was reported earlier how she was angered by the 58-year-old calling her certain things in it. Over a year has passed since the fateful night, yet the upcoming memoir from her is bound to bring back the memories of the awkward incident. 


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