Ryan Reynolds Has an Interesting Payback Planned if He Wins His Bet on John Krasinski’s March Madness Brackets

Published 03/21/2024, 9:44 PM EDT

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski have one of those awesome bromances one cannot help but love. Krasinski and Reynolds have been tight for years now, often seen enjoying double dates with their significant others. But one thing that has been missing was seeing them together on screen. Well, that is changing with the upcoming live-action/animated fantasy-comedy, IF. Both Krasinski and Reynolds are teaming up for the first time on this project. And to ensure they do not miss it on opening day, Reynolds has come up with an interesting scheme.

This scheme rests on the results of his bet in the NCAA Tournament brackets against one other than John Krasinski.



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Ryan Reynolds wishes to celebrate his win in the bet with IF

Ryan Reynolds and his IF co-star, John Krasinski, have pitted their NCAA Tournament brackets against each other. Reynolds put his money on North Carolina's men's team to take down Purdue in the NCAA Tournament finale. He is also backing Caitlin Clark and Iowa to win the women's national championship by defeating Texas. Taking to Instagram recently, Reynolds announced that “IF” his bracket triumphs over Krasinski's, he will “buy out a theater in the winning team's city to watch IF Movie on opening night”. 

Taking cues from timeless classics like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, this live-action CGI production will explore the magical powers of a young girl, played by Cailey Fleming. The veil of mystery surrounding IF lifted with its first trailer which teased a heartwarming tale centered on the intertwined lives of its extraordinary characters. And just when fans thought the excitement from the trailer could not be topped, Reynolds had another surprise in store for them.

Ryan Reynolds Touches His “Playful” Side, as John Krasinski Dons the Director’s Cap for ‘Imaginary Friends’

Last month, Ryan Reynolds treated fans to an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the movie, leaving them rolling with laughter. 

Ryan Reynolds’ behind-the-scenes video featuring an imposter


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Ryan Reynolds surprised fans with an Instagram post, sharing a behind-the-scenes clip of the movie, IF. The clip featured Randall Park playfully taking on the role of director, pretending to be John Krasinski. While Reynolds appeared initially puzzled by Park, the clip revealed that Park had been in on it all along. The video not only provided fans with more insight into the film but also treated them to a glimpse of Steve Carell in a recording booth.

As the clip concluded, fans were once again urged to save the date for May 17th to catch the film. While providing a peek of IF, the actor also teased the upcoming release of another video on Sunday- the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer during the Super Bowl. With Reynolds' two anticipated projects dropping in consecutive months, it is clear that his star is on the rise.


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What to Expect From Ryan Reynolds’ Upcoming ‘Imaginary Friends’ Led by John Krasinski?

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