From Milan to LA: Kanye West Touches Down and Takes Center Stage in The City of Angels

Follow the sightings of Kanye West from the fashion-forward streets of Milan to the dazzling spotlight of Los Angeles, all with style.

Riva Khan

March 4, 2024

Is Greta Gerwig a Nepotism Baby? Revealing the Truth of Her Massive Success

Everything you need to know about whether Barbie director, Greta Gerwig, and the nepotism speculation that surrounds her successful career.

Prathika Prashant

March 4, 2024

Travis Kelce’s Impact on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: A Fan-Found Evolution From Opening Night to the Latest

Fans analyze the visible transformation in Taylor Swift's conduct in Eras Tour before and after Travis Kelce's affair with her.

America Ferrera and Her Kids: The Journey of Splendid Motherhood With Sebastian and Lucia Williams

A brief account of America Ferrera's journey to motherhood and everything you need to know about her kids, Sebastian and Lucia Williams.

Travis Kelce Sports a Fresh New Look While Taylor Swift Drops Album Updates Oceans Away

Travis Kelce revealed a new look of himself as Taylor Swift announced fresh updates of her upcoming album during the Singapore Eras Tour

Imteshal Karim

March 4, 2024

Who Is Ryan Piers Williams? Know All About America Ferrera’s Husband

America Ferrera shares a beautiful love story of 18 years and counting with her husband, Ryan Piers Williams, a talent powerhouse on his own

Imteshal Karim

March 3, 2024

How Is Bradley Cooper Relationship With His and Irina Shayk’s Daughter Lea de Seine? How Did His Father Affect the Complicated Journey?

A brief account of Bradley Cooper's relationship with his father and how it changed his equations with his daughter, Lea de Seine.

Oscar 2024: Does the Academy Have a Strict Dress Code for Guests Attending the Awards?

Step into the glamor of Oscar 2024 as we unveil the intrigue behind the Academy's dress code for esteemed guests attending the awards.

Riva Khan

March 3, 2024

3 Reasons Why The 1961 Oscar Ace ‘Elmer Gantry’ Needs to Be on Your Watch List

From Oscar nods to exceptional performances, here are 3 reasons why 'Elmer Gantry' is a must-watch for every cinephile.

Amidst ‘Oppenheimer’ Oscar Buzz, Fans Rally Behind This Christopher Nolan Masterpiece for An IMAX Re-Release

Following Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan's masterpiece from ten years ago sparked calls for a re-release in honor of its 10th anniversary!

Hriddhi Maitra

March 3, 2024

Taylor Swift Favorites Ryan Reynolds and Travis Kelce Twin in Greens in Recent Outings

Ryan Reynolds and her best friend Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce dons similar winter wears to serve twinning energy.

Kanye West Sparks Controversy With Mike Dean Alleging Him of “Copying” His ‘Vultures’ Design

Delve into the latest controversy ignited by Kanye West as he put allegations of copying on Mike Dean, specifically regarding the 'Vultures' design

Riva Khan

March 3, 2024