Your Guide To ‘Phantom Thread’ (2017) On Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, And More

Published 01/18/2022, 9:30 AM EST

Fashion and romance altogether feel like a Disney movie! But way beyond your expectations. As it is said, “Love kneads you until you are pliant.” Phantom Thread is the epitome of love and everything that comes with it. Every thread is finely woven, every word tenderly spoke. While the prior introduces us to the core of fashion; the latter makes us realize that abiding love is the marriage of two minds that time’s fickleness cannot destroy.

Phantom Thread: a story of togetherness and strangeness

Phantom Thread is a story of a peculiar and obsessed fashion designer, Reynolds Woodcock, stuck in a cycle of replaceable female companions. Haunted by his mother, and destined to be a bachelor forever, the movie talks about the internal battle of the character. His mother’s obsession with the wedding dress he made, and the development of this urge to take control, makes him believe he can never surrender to love. Furthermore, Reynolds Woodcock is the face of glamour in the 1950s. His sister, Cyril, maintains the order within the house. She is the personification of Woodcock’s mother and his dependency on her describes how badly he believes that he is cursed.


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But all of this takes a potential turn, when the artist meets a strong-willed waitress, Alma. She becomes his muse and lover. Although, the work order of Woodcock’s house gets messed up as she had her own sensibility in Reynolds’ life and his business. But she literally lifts his curse by giving him what he desired the most, every part of herself. This transformation is surely hard, but Alma is not someone who would give up on him that easily. ‘You are not cursed! You are loved by me’ are the words of Alma. To know how the story unfolds, watch this beautiful movie without a second thought!

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Phantom Thread cast

The cast plays an important role in the formulation of every drama, along with other factors. And Daniel Day-Lewis is no doubt the perfect fit for the antagonist of Reynold Woodcock. Notably, THIS was his last and one of the best role-plays. Alongside Lewis, Vicky Krieps plays the role of Alma. Moreover, Lesley Manville plays the role of Cyrille Woodcock.

The entire cast list is as follows:

Camilla Rutherford as Johanna

Gina McKee as Countess Henrietta Harding

Brian Gleeson as Dr. Robert Hardy

Harriet Sansom Harris as Barbara Rose

Lujza Richter as Princess Mona Braganza

Julia Davis as Lady Baltimore

Jane Perry as Mrs. Vaughan

Awards won by the movie

Notably, from the screenwriter, director, and producer Paul Thomas Anderson, Phantom Threads, a masterpiece of its kind, was nominated for many awards. The film received 5 awards in total.

Academy Awards for best costume design,

BAFTA awards for best costume design,

Satellite Award for best costume design,

New York Film Critics Circle Award for best screenplay, and

Critics’ Choice Movie Award for best costume design.

From the reviewers’ eyes:

Most of the reviewers and critics have extolled the movie.


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Variety writes “Phantom Thread” is seductive and absorbing, but it’s also emotionally remote. The film is framed as a love story, but it never swoons”

What kind of love story is “Phantom Thread”? The wrenching tale of a woman’s love for a man and a man’s love for his work. A dry, comic study of the asymmetries and conflicts at the heart of a marriage. A refined gothic nightmare in the manner of Henry James. A perverse psychological fable of unchecked ego and unhinged desire. That’s a partial catalog, and one that can’t quite capture how bizarre this movie is. Or how bizarrely true to life — to art, to love, to itself — it feels. Read the review of The New York Times.

Moreover, the movie got an IMDb rating of 7.5/10, 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 90 on Metacritic.


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