Who Plays Elle in ‘Heartstopper’ and Does She End Up Dating Tao?

Published 04/23/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

Heartstopper is a new Netflix romantic comedy series that follows high schooler Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and his circle of outcast friends at school. While the main relationship of the show is between Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie. It doesn’t mean that other romances do not bloom. One such budding romance throughout the first season was between Elle and Tao.

Fans of the show are still wondering if the two got together after the ending. Let us try to find out if that happened.

Did Elle and Tao get together in Heartstopper?


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Elle and Tao become closer, but they spend a lot of time talking about Charlie and how he doesn’t tell Tao that he and Nick are dating. This has caused Tao a great deal of distress, and Elle is there to console him. By the end of the season, the two have abandoned Sports Day at school and are hanging out in the art room.

Elle wants to see her former classrooms and reminisce about her time at Truham. They lie down on one of the desks next to one other in the art room and get really close, even holding hands.

Elle and Tao are sitting up on the table, staring into one other’s eyes as if they’re going to kiss. Elle, on the other hand, interrupts their conversation by saying she needs to go find her old locker. She doesn’t say it right away, but she appears to be terrified of breaking their friendship.


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Elle and Tao are still just friends at the end of Heartstopper, but it’s clear they have feelings for each other. So even though fans rooted for their relationship from the beginning of the season. They aren’t still a thing as of now. If the show is renewed for a new season. Hopefully, we will see them officially becoming a couple.

Who plays Elle in the show?

Yasmin Finney is just 18 years old, yet she’s already on her way to becoming one of the most well-known trans performers in Hollywood. She is an 18-year-old British actress who was born on August 30, 2003, in Manchester, England.
Her journey to become an actor was not easy. She joined The Sackville Theatre after wanting to pursue a career as an actor.


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Among the popular theatrical productions in which she spent years practicing and performing were “DNA,” “Port,” “Antigone,” “Tie,” and “Page to Stage.”

She had been hoping for a prominent role in a film for years, and it finally happened in 2022 when she collaborated with Euros Lyn.


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Heartstopper is currently streaming only on Netflix.

Do let us know if you liked the first season of the show? And you surely want to see Elle and Toa getting together in the next season. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



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